Tough RC Helicopter – The best choice for beginners, Unboxing

This is a solid piece of metal and hard plastic combination..A wonderful Copter for beginners..
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9 Responses to “Tough RC Helicopter – The best choice for beginners, Unboxing”

  • Josh Cherian:

    i bought one it doesnt work how do i fix it

  • pinku li:

    hey what is the price of that rc helicopter?

  • meechie peachie:

    @LINUPHYSIO'S WORLD OF AMAZING VIDEOS I got this copter about the same time u made this vid and trust me, I relly was a beginner n the first flight outside i landed the thing from about 6inches in the air and the landing chamber broke right off i dont relly recomend this copter unless u r good w/ them

  • TMC Nowplay:

    best of toughness
    but it too weak against the wind 🙁
    8/14 crash
    4 perfect landing

  • Chuck Norrisrat:

    just got one from Kmart in Australia also available in NZ if you like other things rather than sheep lol

  • Tauheed Hisbani:

    How much does it cost? In pounds and where can I get it?

  • GuyNamedBen:

    It's not the best choice I almost got cut

  • sidney crosby:

    How many inches is the copter

  • RCplnes:

    All of these toy frickin helicopters suck they are only good for taking off a crashing

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