This E-Sky Honeybee CP2 Heli was sent to me to fix, restore, and fly.

Here is a bit of Honeybee History as this “no longer available” CP2 Helicopter was sent to me to restore and fly.
Links to see earlier Honeybees and Lord B.L. Thackrey’s Flying Delorean are below.
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Vintage Honeybee (Not E-Sky) video
Hyperfly restoration Video
Flying Delorean from Barry Thackrey
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Dave Herbert
PO Box 153
Sibley, Iowa, 51249
AMA L.8221
CD/LM/Scientific Division


This is the Esky Honeybee V2. Out of the box, I checked blade tracking and made sure the swashplate was level. It hovers ok, but I can tell right from the start that it has limited control. It flies NOTHING like the helicopters I have flown from E-flite. Stick movement from transmitter to receiver is very slow and very unresponsive. As you can see I had a couple problems during this video!

The minor damage that happened at the end luckily required no new parts, just a simple snap back into place, so that was lucky. I didn’t even ‘crash’ just landed on skids a little hard, so that would have been bad if it broke that easy! But like I said, it snapped back into place easy.

I will get more flight videos later at the field!
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29 Responses to “This E-Sky Honeybee CP2 Heli was sent to me to fix, restore, and fly.”

  • SwxftPyxl:

    September 11? It burned in 9/11 2001?

  • Benjamin Stephens:

    I was wondering if you build,and or repair R/C Helicopter's? Forgive me for asking if you don't,or are selective about what you repair,but I "NEED HELP!"I have a T-Rex 450L Dominator that I don't have the knowledge to build correctly. It has the Beast X MicroBeast Plus. I also have 2 Trex 450 Plus Helicopter's that need help if you are so inclined.

  • ricardopr54:

    Glad you are back flying! ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • CoolKD2005:

    Nice to see your getting back in to things Herbert.
    And great to see that there are so many generous people helping you out to get your vintage and other models back. Just takes me back when you do older stuff. Makes me want to get a flybared heli again. Just love the mechanical head mixing compared to the simple construction of FBL rotor heads and electronic tuning. FBL flies more precise tho.
    Great video 🙂

  • rokkorex:

    i have an old carbon fiber mikado logo 14 you can have also an american helicopters mantis from the 1980.s if you want them you can have um i cant afford to make them fly again. thanks.

  • SueBobChicVid:

    I LOL'd when you said you checked your own video on how to set it up. You are, and will remain, a great resource for a lot of people – including yourself!

  • B.L Thackrey:

    I think everyone who watches your fantastic videos would consider you a godfather of R.c . here's to you and your cold ( yet hyper talented ) fingers ! I look forward to seeing your other subscribers donated nitro helicopters . All the best as always from Scotland sir , Barry

  • Black Bart:

    I believe you could fly a 2X4 with a motor, blades, receiver, and servos on it! Anyone who flies heli's would know just what a fantastic pilot you are in being able to fly that little heli around like that! Great job!

  • alan sage:

    This is great I was just given one of these 2 weeks ago and as of yesterday have it flight ready hopefully lol

  • Flight Dad:

    I thought it was just only me having hard to control this heli… but I'm not a great flyer anyway. Good video gives me good memories working on this heli.

  • Dick Shinn:

    I agree with Joe Cserna!!!!

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme:

    Having the ability to fly those early helicopters was a trick. My brother was also into the early nitro helicopters he called them whirling blades of death and recalls running away as an errant chopper decided to start blowing in your direction. I didn't get into them until recently so I missed all that. He has several early models yet. I told him he could have them.

  • seaking:

    fly, crash, repair , fly again was my routine on this heli, but I had lots of fun with it ?

  • DutchRC Adventures:

    Excellent job at getting it to fly at least half decent sir Herbert 🙂
    Allways good to get some mre history insight as well offcourse.. Thank you!
    Cheers & keep the, coming 🙂

  • Engineer Ahmed:

    Typical of under powewred tail motor unable to counter helicopter torque, if not underpowered altogether.
    But despite all their flaws honey bees with their classic beautiful flybars & primitive technology r officially vintage electric helis & collector's items.

  • Ivar Huisman:

    where is the antenna on the chopper? Its usually around the skit but i couldnt see it here

  • JustPlay FPV:

    ?? ?????? ??

  • kev81987:

    i would like to share my opinion: If you want to learn FP i would recommand 120sr or those from walkera. I HAD esky king 2, 3, cp and honey bee v2 , compare to eflight blade series or those align t rex and trex clone, all i can tell is KEEP OUT OF ESKY product.their heli just crap!! You will crash alot and spend a lot to repair and dont even think upgrade the heli it won't fly as good as t rex!!! Just go for blade,t rex or t rex clone if you are in tight budget will save you lots time and money

  • mitch millard:

    A lot of people say buzzflyer is over priced but ive compared them with the competiton which is hardly anyone this heli is a bit overpriced but its there best selling bar one we,d all do the same its called being in buissness plus they compansate for everything i.e. spares its a great web site

  • mitch millard:

    hi m8 did you work out the problem why you have the trim all the why too the right and it still goes left i have just bought this heli and have the same problem any other advice would be very useful, i also have the walkera master cp and it seems to do the same sort of thing please help

  • Jason Blaylock:

    hey, i already told him that i was sorry for that comment and that i was having a bad day. I really dont even remember posting that comment. Sorry

  • Timebender Pike:

    shut up.
    I'm here to learn. If you don't like it, leave.

  • Stargate381:

    I have this helicopter and I am glad to learn

  • Stargate381:

    I have this helicopter and I am glad to learn

  • engels1978:

    I had Honey Bee CP3 and… It is not good Heli! Stability is very poor, and You constantly need to watch tail if it is not rotating, even if trim it best I could, it will be not stable… Even so small Blade SR120 is MUCH better…!

  • That Guy 1 1:

    How good is the sim disk that cames with the heli

  • mihax209:

    A quick tip I read somewhere. If you are holding the transmitter like that, you should straighten up the antenna on it. It should be at 45 degrees of the heli itself.

  • 10karhu:

    5:50-6:00 Dude, she's checking you out!

  • Oli Cullimore:


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