The Best Micro Rc Helicopter. XK 124 EC 135 Eurocopter.

The Best Micro Rc Helicopter. XK 124 EC 135 Eurocopter.

The XK 124 has to be one of the best scale micro Helicopter ready to flys out there. Based on a EC 135 Eurocopter which looks epic! This one has been out for a while and I have had my eyes on it. The only thing I noticed that is weird is that you have to land to switch modes from Stability to 3d. The scale looks do make up for that minor inconvenience. Just one more scale landing and take off hahaha!

I can recommend this one to someone that knows how to fly stabilized quadcopters all the way to a sport 3d non stabilized helicopters. It’s very enjoyable to watch fly around. XK knocked it out of the park with this one!

If you want to check out the new version to the MCPX BL called the Blade MCPX BL2. You can grab one from one of my favorite spots to shop Unrivaled custom support to back up your purchase as well! I will probably eventually get one because I love my discontinued MCPX BL.

Check out the XK 124 and the scale 123 links below.

XK 124 with 4x batteries:

XK 124 bind and fly if you have this XK transmitter or a FUTABA S-FHSS tx.

XK 123 with 4x batteries:

XK 123 bind and fly:

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