The 1st production Electric Helicopter imported to the USA was the Skylark EH-1, made in Japan.

Hello friends,
I have always loved science, electronics, and mechanics. I’ve subscribed since the 60’s to Popular science, Popular Mechanics, Air and Space Magazine, and all the RC airplane magazines including writing articles in most of them. I was also flying in contests, founded 3 RC clubs, was surrounded with talent like John Simone Jr, Mike Mas (National Helicopter champions) worked in Aviation Technology in the USMC for 33 years, and even worked at Kraft RC systems.
So being on the forefront of technology, I was keenly aware of all the new models and inventions, and usually wound up getting many of them for myself.
Pushing close to 70 now, I have seen it all and now am even forging into the FPV world too.
That said, when Cliff Rausin began importing the first Production Electric helicopter from Japan to his famous Hobby shop, Condor Hobbies, I had to have one, and in fact began selling them for him.

I still had an EH-1 that was not flyable in my shop. My shop got burned down before I could restore it.
Many folks donated helicopters and drones to get me back to flying and please know I am thankful and working on them one at a time, since I have a long winter ahead and lots of time. Thank you.

This one, however, I gave priority to, since it shaped so much of my hobby and learning curve, as you will see.
It was donated to me by a long time friend and flying buddy Dr. J. (Julius Schnell ), who I flew with every Sunday when I lived in California. He originally bought it from me when I was selling them back in the early Eighties. I restored it and fly it for you to see. It made me feel young again, albeit was a lot colder today than when I used to fly them in Southern California.
I hope you enjoy this bit of history. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Thanks kindly for watching and please take a moment to subscribe.

Dave Herbert
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For Silicone wire.
For Polybelts
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10 Responses to “The 1st production Electric Helicopter imported to the USA was the Skylark EH-1, made in Japan.”

  • Inverse Hierarchy:

    nice channel +1

  • Rick T:

    how could anyone hit thumbs down? idiots.

  • Crip Skillz:

    like a boss

  • Swishyas:

    Enjoyed every second of this video !!
    its amazing to see where these things was .. and where they are those days with drones and quadcopters all over the place ..

    Thank you.. keep them coming :))


  • James Fieweger:

    One more thing. Was that a Byron Pitts behind you in the office shot? I have one in semi-good condition. The only problem with it is a slightly cracked cowl and a bent and broken stabilizer strut. The wings are not covered and still contain the torque rod setup. The fuse is covered in the Charlie Hillard scheme. There are no electronics in it, just a 2 stroke engine I assume is from a chainsaw or a leaf blower. It does not use the Byro-drive and is directly mounted to the firewall. I acquired it for free about 2 years ago. To my knowledge it has only been flown once.

  • James Fieweger:

    Did you know that the AMA's Museum in Indiana has put out a request to anyone who can find significant vintage rc helis for their collection. I'm pretty sure if they saw this they would be uncontrollably drooling.

  • Elgato8558:

    Thanks for your video to recall my long lost memory on learning how to fly my first RC helicopter. I paid HK$450 (approx=US$60) in the early 80's from a family run hobby shop in Hong Kong for this model. There was also an upgraded Bell Hiller rotor head hub unit available for this model from a third party manufacturer. By that time, when I paid HK$80(US$10) for the silicon insulation silver plated high graded training cable and I though that it was very pricy. But in fact every cent I spent on this training cable was paid off after I spent a total of 5 hours on hovering practice and successfully built up my skills on tail rotor controls.

  • Bobster986:

    How bizarre, your house burns down on 9/11 of 2016, but I luv the power tether.

  • Robert Lemon Jr.:

    Just out or curiosity, whats the head speed on that beauty.

  • pofrani:

    Wow I thought I was gonna get bored watching this but it brought a smile to my face! Thanks! :)

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