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Kenny Ko, Masters, Flight to Music | Global 3D 2023

Official video coverage of Global 3D 2023

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Syma S107G R/C Coaxial Helicopter flying with music from MAG FACTOR THREE/TDM in the background

***YES, YET ANOTHER!!!*** stupid video of the stupid Syma S107G R/C Coaxial Stupid Helicopter stupidly flying in my stupid room, set to stupid music from the stupid Commodore 64 computer demo “MAG FACTOR THREE/TDM” that I stupidly wrote myself and released in late-1992. 😉

That music you might hear (well, are *SUPPOSED TO* hear!!!) is the music from page 2 of the Commodore 64 computer megademo “MAG FACTOR THREE/TDM” that I wrote and released in 1992 while I operated the demo group “TDM” (The Douched Moose). This heli is not sound-sensitive; the audio may safely be ignored or even muted if it torques you off.

You can probably tell by now that I ***REALLY*** love the living tweedle out of this heli!!! 🙂

More info. on my website about this helicopter at
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Dunkan Bossion Gaui X7 Flight to Music , Professional Level , 3D Heli Masters Venlo 2014 *60fpsHD*
Dunken Bossion with Gaui X7 Flight to Music Professionel Level. Heli Masters 2014 – TrafficPort Venlo – World Championships – Netherlands.
Gui X7:
Motor Hk 4525 520kv
ESC Controller Scorpion
Main Servos Mks x8
Tail Servos Mks x8
Flybarless System Beastx
Mainblades SpinBlades 685mm
Tailblades SpinBlades 105mm
Accu /Fuel Optipower
Radio System Futaba 18mz
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JR FORZA 700 , Hiroki Ito , Music Flight , 3D Heli Masters Venlo 2014 *HD*
More 3D Heli-Masters Videos on my Playlist:

Heli Masters 2014 – TrafficPort Venlo – World Championships – Netherlands.
Motor Scorpion HK4525-520KV
ESC Controller Kontronik Kosmik
Main Servos JR SLS-01
Tail Servos JR SPG-01
Flybarless System JR TAGS Mini
Mainblades JR XB710-FBL
Tailblades JR Carbon 105mm
Radio System JR 28X
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RC Helicopter Canon 7D used on Music Video, feature film & extreme sports, RC Aerial Video

RC Helicopter Canon 7D utilized on Audio Online video, element film & excessive sports, RC Aerial Video Mi6 Films Aerial Reel 2011 RC Helicopter with Canon 7D for the film market. Our demo reel of recent gig’s characteristics Extreme Sports, Snow Boarding, Surfing Contest Hawaii, action commercials, function movies, MTV Audio Video, Discovery Chanel, Nat Geo, are all component of this demo reel. Audio Online video filmed with a RC Helicopter traveling the Canon 7D digital camera. Mi6 Movies rents RC Helicopters for Video clip Productions, indy movies, commercials or your travel logs. Go “Outside of the Crane” shot, to a higher location with the gain of no boundaries on creations to get the shot, the place no crane can go, that not possible shot now is in your achieve. Particular thanks to Primary Zero Productions, Ben Griffin Director for the use of a portion of these clips as effectively as Correct Vision Mass media Team Thank you to Director of Photography Derrick Threatt. Thank you to Doll Phace Audio for whom this movie was shot, our personal thanks to her a great individual to perform with on location, her new Hit song launch showcased with Snoop Dogg, “let us go to vegas” now readily available on iTunes. Mi6 Films rents RC Helicopters Canon 7D, Canon 5D, Canon 550D, Canon T2i flying for 1080p High definition Video clip, we vacation internationally. Mi6 Movies RC Helicopter Rentals Music Video Productions Locations Scouts We Vacation Internationally Seize your up coming film “Over and above the Crane” with a Heli Rental
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RC Helicopter MUSIC VIDEO!!! Oh look, a RC helicopter that chases cats, carries Humvees, shoots rockets, and scares away Mike Owe My Toes. Want one? To bad, out of stock, none for you. . . Music by Andy Malex 3 Months Past Prototype Black Reign Recordings CLICK HERE for the music: .


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