Cheerwing Syma S107G Gyro R/C Helicopter Review

Quick review of this infared indoors R/C Helicopter. Cheerwing Syma S107G. You can pick it up on Amazon Prime for .98

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12 Responses to “Cheerwing Syma S107G Gyro R/C Helicopter Review”

  • Sebastian:

    Good content man. Just purchased this as my first RC.

  • Purple Furture:

    I am looking to buy one
    Why some seller says with gyro ?
    Some comes without?

  • John Doe:

    I have the cheap plastic one that was my first and I started with. I have since upgraded to the S107G in the Kawasaki green and also a S107H-E in the emerald green. I purchased extra batteries and a charger on Amazon. If you know anything about cordless power tools the batteries always take crap before the tool wears out rendering it useless. You can get a 5 pack of 3.7V 380 mAh Li batteries and the charger for $17.99. The S107G sells for $22.98 on Amazon and the S107H-E is $49.99. The S107H-E is 2.4G and 3.5 channels with A+B so you can fly with a friend. It isn't effected by sunlight like the cheaper ones are. Even so the S107G is still the one to get for the low $22.98 price tag. They last for years and hold up to many many crashes. The first one I got took well over 50 crashes when I was teaching myself how to fly and received zero damage. I did purchase a replacement set of rotor blade kit for $3.99 just in case. I never have needed the replacement tail rotor included yet either. The batteries will need replaced I am sure after many many charges. They will wear out and not take or hold a charge anymore. They are pretty easy to replace with just 2 Phillips screws holding the cockpit on. The battery is under the windshield area where the seat would be. Cut the red and black wires and strip them back. You can solder them and use shrink tube over or use male/female quick connects which makes it easier to change them in the future. That is what I will do when the situation arises.

  • Tu Si:

    How much is THIS?

  • Avinash Maharaj:

    Bought a yellow one 7 years ago and really used it alot. Battery swelled up after about 2 years since I use to repeatedly charge it back right after flights. Finally replaced the battery today and literally only just now learnt about the built in charger by watching this lol

  • Great British Scarface:

    I agree with the fact that you can’t fly it outside, try watching television outdoors and change the channel with the remote.

  • Omar Badawi:

    Why cant u fly it outside is it illegal or because of the weather please answer my comment because im buying one

  • Edveen Ahmadian:

    Just purchased one hopefully I don't break

  • Salvatore Taurino:

    Hi! I have a Syma s107g and I want to ask you if some vibrations or little tremblings on the tail while flying are normal. Thank you in advance.

  • Patrick Kinnaman:

    I just bought one and it is pretty fun to fly around…pretty easy. Thanks for the video…great job!

  • Justinross Payawal:

    I have a Green S107G, the S107H is an upgraded version, has dual rates, altitude hold, and it's 2.4ghz.

  • Kirito Kirigaya:

    my syma s107g can't forward and backward please help

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