Skytech M62 Quadcopter – $29.95 – Phantom DJI Mini Version – – Unboxing & Test!

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The version with camera can be found here:


14 Responses to “Skytech M62 Quadcopter – $29.95 – Phantom DJI Mini Version – – Unboxing & Test!”

  • The Punk Pyros:

    My quadcopter is not calibrated! It flies to one side! How do I calibrate it??

  • nickas frith:

    what's the run time?

  • wild300zx:

    Ordered X600 and V686g from their US warehouse so would have thought I would have gotten it at least within a week, Nope over a week later and they had not even sent them yet, still processing so I cancelled and went with tiny deal. Got from them in 5 bus days, amazing considering it cam from China versus Gerabest US warehouse. They have good prices at Gearbest, but what good is that if they don't ever send the stuff. You only get one chance to make an impression Gearbest. Great review as always.?

  • Leurie John Ramos:

    it sucks! it doesn't support Cash On Delivery… :( is there a way that i could order and pay on delivery??

  • Clash Of Clan Video Game Strategy:

    it only 29.95$ ???

  • Berkcan Y?ld?z:

    Is this helicopter camera ???????

  • kaka mama:

    Witch is the best model of drone please ??

  • Caitlin Dallamore:

    hi i have jsut purchased the quadcopter with the camera and we was wondering how do you put the white roater protectors on.You know the one's you didn't put on cos it was gonna be to heavy.?

  • ranger aziz:

    very cool?

  • Awesome Swimmer:

    The M62 Aircraft does come with a camera that's no "light" it is a camera! Read the instructions it has its own section.?

  • Jay Parker:

    Dude what is the right blade placement for this? like A1 B2? i hit a fence and a propeller broke and i totally forgot to look at the number on it, i have spares but it seems each one i put on just doesnt want to take off right like get off the ground at all. PLEASE HELP ME KIND SIR?

  • jabulani400:

    In Ebay is cheap and free shipping

  • XxViPeRxGaMeRxX:

    I need help my drone turns to one side what do I do?

  • Anthony Eaglebarger (toysoldier46552):

    Actually Gearbest got me my order within two weeks using the standard method, so half the time you mentioned Jay lol.?

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