Sky Rover – Exploiter S – Review and Flight

I recently did a 3-part review series of a new toy-grade RC helicopter brand that I’ve seen at Walmart (and I believe Toys R Us as well), called SkyRover, by Auldey Toys.

I was so impressed with those 3 smaller helis, that I decided to check out the larger SkyRover heli, “Exploiter S”.

I generally stay away from these larger coaxial helis, as they are often too slow to fly outdoors in any amount of wind. This one has a large tail prop though, so I was hoping that would give it decent forward speed and allow it to fight some wind. Watch the review to see if I was right or wrong…

P.S. – Stick around after the credits to see a return visitor from a previous video. 😉

-Flyin’ Ryan

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11 Responses to “Sky Rover – Exploiter S – Review and Flight”

  • user 007:

    a $50 disappointment?

  • zachary lee:

    when mine takes off it shakes?

  • kudos56:

    my remote is blinking and wont work. has anyone had this problem? need help?

  • Aaron Scott:

    I just purchased an exploiter s from walmart and noticed several differences. first the packaging was very different with the name "Exploiter S" instead of just "Exploiter". second the transmitter is the style of the smaller sky rovers with no antenna but still rc with good range. But most importantly this version handles very well and even though it won't be winning race's, it has a lot better forward and backward push than the one you flew. I have only moderate trouble moving around in a ten to twelve mph wind. You should give the new one a try, you wont be disappointed Ryan.?

  • The World Of JP:

    same thing with my sky rover swift so slow foward?

  • N1R2F3:

    I bought this , after attempting to fly outdoors and watching it get slung about like a leaf in the wind i now use it indoors only . I did buy a cheaper 100 dollar Drone that I can use outdoors and is able to fight the wind quite well?

  • Jordan Vesco:

    I have the same issues with this one.?

  • David Lawson:

    i have a question, i buy pallets, anyways i have a exploiter S .. it didnt have a controller, can you use any controller made for this type helicopter?…email is [email protected]….thanks?

  • omar khaled:

    I can't stop it please help me I will broke it?


    this have a crash resistance??

  • Dwayne Johnson:

    get the sky rover stalker?

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