Review: Cheap carbon Chinese 250-size mini quadcopter (part 1)

How do the cheap Chinese 250-sized mini quadcopter frames compare to the Blackout Mini H and QAV 250 frames?

I’ve had a lot of emails from people who’ve said that I really should review these cheap carbon frames and see for myself if they’re any good so I browsed eBay and bought three frames for a total of less than US0.

They were listed as:
Mini H Quad Frame micro 220mm FPV Carbon fiber Quadcopter

Carbon Fiber 250mm Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit/4 axis

QAV250 C250 Carbon Fiber Mini 250 FPV Quadcopter Frame

All of these frames were actually identical to the one in this review — despite the different descriptions and claimed sizes. None of them were really QAV250 frames, nor were they Blackout Mini H frames.

The eBay vendors I used were:

fisher-hobby (good, fast with tracking number)
sunshine5688 (okay, tracking number provided)
hobbyhack88 (slow, no tracking number and most expensive)

So far, these frames seem to be reasonably good. The true test will be how well they fly – so stay tuned for part 2.

Bottom line so far: would I swap my Blackout or QAV for five of these Chinese frames? Hell no.. but if this was all I could afford, and if they fly half well, I’d probably buy one.
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