RC Military Helicopter does AWESOME TRICK! – Eachine E120 RTF

Check out the Eachine E120 RC helicopter here: https://bit.ly/3y5ZGpp
This rc military helicopter does a fun trick and we are excited to show it to you in this video. This is the Eachine e120 RC heli. It is Ready to Fly (RTF) which means everything you need to fly comes in the box. Let’s see how it does!
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Check out the Eachine E120 RC helicopter here: https://bit.ly/3y5ZGpp

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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12 Responses to “RC Military Helicopter does AWESOME TRICK! – Eachine E120 RTF”

  • KITT28:

    FYI to every single new rc heli pilot DO NOT fly your beautiful rc helicopter over Concrete road, fly over grass, save your heli. thercsaylors are pros.

  • Whirlybird:

    Can it roll?

  • Rick Boudreau:

    Just received my Eachine E120 RTF, read the directions,charged the batteries,installed the batteries in the transmitter,bound and lift off in my living room "Which is quite large",hoovered perfect no trim needed,only complaint is the slow stick input,you have to move the sticks quite a ways before the E120 reacts.Over all it's ok ???

  • Pete391:

    Guys what was the "AWESOME TRICK!" this thing does….I watched it twice and musta missed it both times..

  • Jim Small (EIMB):

    I just ordered one of these. Gonna paint it just like the model shown in the opening sequence of the James Bond film "A View To A Kill". It's the exact same type of chopper, except painted orange and white. A radio-controlled miniature of the 'copter was used for its inevitable crash in the film. (You can tell which scenes used the RC model because it has the flybars on it)


    this is so good

  • PassBluntBoss:

    That's so cool you saw a bald eagle I saw one pick up a fish out of the lake I live near recently it makes me proud to see a bald eagle AMERICA!!! nice heli too

  • Thomas Calleson:

    Surprised you didn't buy the helicopters that fly Iron Man flies 3 + 2 Spider-Man and Batman they fly to have rechargeable things inside of it and it takes six double a batteries to run

  • barraq:

    Harganya berapa

  • Derek Losano:

    Ali express has this and the military drone for under 70 bucks each. Just ordered both.

  • timothy barker:

    I bought one of these took it out of the box and tried to fly it. It started out hovering in one spot then started drifting so I adjusted the trim and it got to the point of out of control. Now you take off and it pulls hard to the right so much that I Have bounced it off the walls in my garage about 5 times to the point it has smashed the front in and I had to glue it back together. All this before I even got finished with one battery. I Have completely ruined this thing with less than 3 minuets flight time. I am very disappointed and pissed that I wasted 80 dollars on it. Not impressed.

  • Keith Taylor:

    We love you guys

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