Instructor Loses Control of Helicopter, Student Saves the Day

Martiens Marais expertly regains control of the helicopter after the instructor loses control.
Martiens flies too well, so our instructor tests his reaction to an unexpected situation.

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Powered Flight is a helicopter training and charter company, based in Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria.

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Honey bee v2 no more zip ties on honey bee! i came up with a way to use velcro!!!!
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14 Responses to “Instructor Loses Control of Helicopter, Student Saves the Day”

  • Helicóptero Virtual :


  • Dwight Mcqueen:

    I wouldn't give a 1.00 for these crappy choppers

  • Dwight Mcqueen:

    Junk hellicopters buy Russian

  • C.KILBY:

    I didn't see any out of control helicopter, when a helicopters out of control it's out of controlling the student doesn't save it

  • YiiY:

    Pilots are all evil. Cursed are you Sault Flight AKAdummy pilots, hell's polluters, scare little birds, annoys crows and takes away the peace of those who study and teach His holy word; on the Holiest of days, to stop them. Those pilots, your children included; Heaven forbid, are getting biblical curses from Exodus 22 and Deuteronomy 28 due to endured harassment from above which they bring to me, unwarranted, tarnishing the name of the Heavens. When you send your kids to that school, you are losing them. They are learning to become careless evil monsters, just like the pilot instructors. This is the only way I can defend myself and fight back.

    It is written, blessed are those who sustain those who study and teach Torah; the opposite is also true, cursed are those who stop them!! #SaultFlightAKAdummy

    Exodus 22:20 – and my wrath shall be kindled and your wives will be widows and your children orphans.

    They are playing a reverse-Amalek, the enemy of God. Where Amalek attacked the Jews in his own land, sh9own great unkindness to those in exile, they are going far out of theirs, they are the pursuers; they are guilty. They are being unkind to outsiders, which is evil. They are making your kids go down to hell with them. Pilots are evil careless and narcissistic demons.

    How can I curse, what He has not cursed and how can I bless, what He has not blessed? Their curses are becoming easier by the day. They come to me for their curses, seems like those pilots do it on purpose to your children, to drag them down their holes with them.

    Do yourself and your kids a favor and I will bless your kids, the pilot instructors, I will curse that institution all the says of my life, until retribution has been exacted.

  • Nw Justice Project:

    Click bait

  • Leonardo De Sousa:

    Oh my..i’m glad the student was able to help the instructor…

  • adi fahima:

    hi man i try to figure out what is the 4in1 never got that

  • RamKat24:

    Cool idea. Looks like you have upgraded the rotor? If so what upgrade is that?

  • vincent mounsey:

    @limetimeteg ya i have not done it on the 450 because i was over the training gear i just went for broke lol

  • Jacob Glikman:

    nice TIP, thx alot man

  • vincent mounsey:

    @CrazyHeliDude thanks it works good lol

  • Leo Winters:

    Dude, AWESOME IDEA! I used twisty ties and that failed MISERABLE… too much sliding – THANK YOU!

  • Bryan Duke:

    Great idea!

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