Rc helicopter with Samsung cell phone battery p.2

Less weight. Longer flight time.


5 Responses to “Rc helicopter with Samsung cell phone battery p.2”

  • Jake Holley:

    How do you charge it?

  • Steve Hughes:

    Holy shit! You can wire a helicopter to a cell battery, but you can't turn your phone on its side to record a video in an acceptable aspect ratio? Is your television on its side? You watch TV in portrait? Stop the madness! Should be a roving death squad hunting "you people". ?

  • Matt Pwn:

    How much flight time??

  • moto peric:

    I use also cell-phone battery (1500mAh), for my hely which is much bigger-15 inch.
    This battery is mutch cheaper and it's available on almost every corner shop.

  • Aaron Rankin:

    Its pretty simple really if you have a soldering iron and some solder. Just connect the red wire to the positive lead on the battery and the black to the negative.

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