FPV RC Helicopter Footage – Walkera V450D03 (Battery Dies / CRASH)

FPV RC Helicopter Footage - Walkera V450D03 (Battery Dies / CRASH)

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This is me still testing a Walkera V450D03 with custom FPV mount and landing gear. While trying to figure out which head-speed causes less vibration on the camera mount, I ran into a bit of an oopsie. The battery died mid-air using the Castle Creations Edge 50 set to “Soft Cut” and “Governor” modes. So much for the voltage-cut being “soft.” I’ll let you be the judge. Fast forward to the end where the crash takes place.

Additional Info:
– Walkera V450D03 RC Helicopter
– Running on 22.2 volts now (6S)
– Scorpion HK-2221-2010 V2 Brushless Motor (2010KV) 6S T-REX 450PRO V2
– MKS DS95 Micro Coreless Digital Cyclic Servo on tail
– Full Tarot 480 Tail Extension
– 345mm Tarot Carbon Fiber Blades
– KDS N290 Digital Micro Metal Gear Cyclic Servos (Yes, I made them work.)

– GoPro Hero 2 running on at 1080p/30 FPS
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7 Responses to “FPV RC Helicopter Footage – Walkera V450D03 (Battery Dies / CRASH)”

  • samuel lubricant:

    Nice video but not a good place to fly or park an RV?

  • Buck Lee:

    you have some high quality upgrades there son!!?

  • Kyle R:

    what camera did you use??

  • MightyG2013:

    Hi There,  any chance you can detail how you made the KDS N290 servo's fit?

  • robert parkes:

    do the kds n290 servos run in the same direction as the standard junk servos please reply as i already replaced two cyclic servos i bought 3 aling servos and they run in the opposite direction thank you to the walkera stock servos down 60 euros?

  • IntoMars:

    Show did! It runs like a champ now though and I'm happy with it. I'm thinking about selling it and getting into quad copters because I realize I cannot do real FPV flying with this thing. No matter what, they're will always be too much vibrations which cause the rolling-shutter effect on the camera.

  • robert parkes:

    you spent a lot of money on your v450

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