RC Helicopter: Intro, what you need to know to buy one part one

In this segment and the one that follows I will discuss how to start up in the hobby of RC helicopters the proper way.

Helicopter links:

A good beginners guide:




For when you get serious:



12 Responses to “RC Helicopter: Intro, what you need to know to buy one part one”

  • Harbinder Natt:

    6ch radio not 5ch lol ?

  • Mark Heligods:

    Rc Helicopters are awesome and flying them is very addictive.  The blade SR shown in the movie was my first helicopter. Now the NANO is a good helicopter but I prefer the mcpx-bl.  Its a bit bigger and will fly in almost any wind if you are skilled.?

  • badgrendels:

    Nah, these two were just handy and agreed to be in the video…..

  • River Gruffman:

    I love your videos; but what's with the Mormon missionary? Are Jehovah's Witnesses next on the couch?

  • liftwaffe:

    Sounds real good,I am by no means an expert still hovering btw. Keep playing with the Nano and hover the 450. Common sense goes a long way :) Stay safe


  • badgrendels:

    I intend to fly the hell out of that Nano this summer. Right now still trying to get use to the inverted nature of nose towards me vs tail towards me.

  • liftwaffe:

    Great video,no need to fear the 450 though. Just use common sense and take baby steps,and fly the hell out of the nano. Great learner :)

  • badgrendels:

    I like the DX7, but it didn't come with any instructions, so I had to find videos on YouTube to learn how to program it. I didn't do that, and just found out a few days before I posted this video that you could do so. I might have to look into it.

  • badgrendels:


  • badgrendels:

    Not worried about it…

  • Don Sanchez:

    Another great video btw. Well thought out and very informative.

  • Don Sanchez:

    Better watch out or those Mormons John……….hmmm

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