RC Helicopter Crash – Pilot Fail!

It was a hard day in the office. I tried to pilot the remote controlled helicopter for the first time and failed!

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CRASH! RC helicopter camera fail at Westmill Wind Farm

NOTE un stablised version with subtitles. Model helicopter crash cought live via onboard video – our electric powered ‘flying camera’ suffered a total failure in flight and fell out of the sky. I was still trying out different camera mounting ideas and in this case, had mounted it facing backwards. The camera cannot be attached solidly to the helicopter as the vibration causes total image blur, so we’re having to try out diferent ways of mounting it alas in this case, the camera ‘resonated’ with the chopper, causing the image distortion that made everything, including the wind turbines, look as if they were made of wobbly rubber – so you’ll have to bear with. This is the raw unedited video taken from the camera, so its all there, including the moment I found the crashed chopper. I was rather shook up by the crash, hence the even more terrible camera work at the end – not least because I didn’t think the camera would have actually survived so didn’t really think it would still be videoing. The helicopter was under perfect control up until the point of sudden total failure. The little ‘Fly DV’ camera did survive – a remerkable achievement. At 30 grammes, the camera weighs less then the optional training kit that is sometimes sold with this helicopter. I’ve since found that the battery connector had a bad pin and one had melted due to poor workmanship, the other pin in the connector was fine.
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5 Responses to “RC Helicopter Crash – Pilot Fail!”

  • RT038:

    how did you solve the problem with the camera shaking can you share

  • RT038:

    hey how did you mount the camera i have a dvcamera and it shakes big timeany help

  • Zachary Burson:

    Have you tried using rubber in between the camera an the body of the heli?

  • ulrichrang:

    Oh wow. Greetings from germany. I just start to try first flys with my little 20cm IR controled helicopter. Yes, I tried it outside. I will get a bigger one. But now, I am affraid. I see what coud happen. terrible.
    Is your helicopter fly-able again?

  • kai schweins:

    @ChuffChuffWoo yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I flight in Germany. 🙂 and I have many crashs too. haha

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