rc heli Two-way fine adjustable linkage rods

Usually, we can’t fine-tune a typical ball linkage set to any length because we need to turn the ball link a whole or multiple rounds (360, 720, … degrees) in order to keep the direction of the ball link. Besides, we need to take off and put on the ball link for adjustment everytime and this is really a troublesome step.

Now we solve this problem. With the two-way fine adjustbale linkage rods, you are able to fine-tune the linkage length without taking off the ball link. The helicopter setup is no more a bothersome process!!
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2 Responses to “rc heli Two-way fine adjustable linkage rods”

  • MrCpMbOy:

    what abt the linkage that connects the swash to the servos?……

  • axaxax85:

    It has been tested in a couple? of large nitro heli and didn't have the issue you may concern. The similar design has been used in RC car for a long time w/o any problems. Anyway, we will pay attention to this. Thank you.

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