RC HELI FPV: HK-450 (TREX-450 clone) rc helicopter FPV flight over Candia Beach, Argolida.

Some rc helicopter FPV piloting during my summer vacations at Candia Beach, Argodida. Noise free place, ideal for FPV, range check confirmed 3.5 km both for video & rc (1.3GHz Electronicarc / Futaba T7C 2,4 GHz, wip omni antennas).

Available in Ready to fly Complete or Bind N Fly Basic with no radio or battery for those who already have them.

Check it out here:

The Blade 450 3D RTF blasts ready-to-fly 3D heli performance to new levels of precision and power. It comes completely assembled and equipped for aggressive 3D aerobatics with the kind of pro-class electronics and mechanics you would expect to find in more expensive kits that take hours to build. It’s even been flight tested and had the rotors balanced at the factory so you don’t have to do any setup. Simply charge its 3S 2200mAh 30C Li-Po battery and fly.
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23 Responses to “RC HELI FPV: HK-450 (TREX-450 clone) rc helicopter FPV flight over Candia Beach, Argolida.”

  • El Mostrito:

    Don't let the asshole politicians and fear-mongering media take away this awesome technology from the people to keep for themselves.

  • Spastic:

    Brilliant! I bet the people in the boat thought it was the Feds or something!!

  • Lawrence Anthony Caluza:

    is the cam hard mounted? how did you reduced the vibe and jelo effect…

  • Steve Croft:

    Excellant piloting and framing, very professional presentation.
    Impressed with the 'lack' of vibes on such a small heli.
    Oh the music was a good choice also.


  • Matt South:

    I fly a trex 450 myself, and I am completely impressed! How in the world do you see what you are doing from sooo far away? Are you flying by the video feed? Also how do you keep your video so smooth and vibration free? What mount are you using for the camera? Superb video, I'm speechless at your piloting!

  • willytoyotaracing:

    Really excelent, i'm introducing in the FVP and your video motive myself. Goog music and good place. Nice job. Juan Manuel from Argentina!

  • snipestarone:

    pls don't fall in the water

  • antonis0035tc:

    telio video sou ekana subscribe sto video sou giati mou aresi polli mporeis na mou peis pos kataferes na ftasis me to elikoptero sou toso makria?se parakalo 8elo polli na kano kai ego etsi project mou aresei na blepo apo psila kai na peto to rc mou alla fovame otan to agoraso na min to spaso gauto se rotao. :)

  • NisseEricsson:

    I want one, how much does it cost?

  • Radars4sale:

    nice range

  • moleman1961:


  • Rafael Espino Gómez:

    Very very nice!!!! Congratulations. It`s very stable. What is the TX/RX system you use? Max distance and flight time?

  • JULOC05:

    You did a great job and I really enjoyed the music.
    When I was 4, my mother taught me how to swim in that area by the cold water springs between Candia and Iria. I have not visited since 1991 when mom passed away. Now, I can show my 4 year old daughter her grandmother's favorite place from across the Atlantic…Thank you for that.

  • OAL331:

    Poli oraio kai to RC alla kai i Kantia!!
    RV ton Augousto gia kafe sto Mparaki !!

  • Fleshmob:

    Wow, this is great!
    And what is this beautiful music?

  • Rouslan Aliev:

    I also want to buy a HK-450 from Hobbycity but i'm confused because they have several HK-450 such as the TT pro, GT pro belt-drive, GT full Alloy etc…
    If you know the difference between these helis please help me pick one!

  • Martijn:

    pls give me the price of the camera ^^, nice video btw!

  • wezpaa:

    I'll just do a copy – paste thing!

    5/5, great video 😕 )
    Please if you could run a TUTORIAL on your FPV setup too. That would be wonderful.

  • George Chrysostomos:


  • Jammoko:

    yeah… try doing that in a Huey @[email protected] Impressive RC, but totally unrealistic compared to a real life helo

  • Mike D:


  • Ron Dolch:

    Impressive, indeed. I've ordered mine.

  • _FG_:

    what are your pitch and thro. curve settings?

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