PhoenixRc HD 1080P – How to do light 3D with your Rc Helicopter

I’m not a pro pilot but after some request of some learning videos i posted this one so you can see how i do it. There are more pro videos on youtube for learning tricks but since im kind of in the middle of learning my way to hard 3D i gladly share this one with you all.
To do 3D you need to have some experience setting up your cyclic pitch. In a real rc heli i use about 6-7 degrees for smoth flips in cyclic and about +-11 collective pitch on 450-500 size heli. For 550 and up i use +- 12-13 collective pitch but i usally follow the manual from Align on my helis.

Sound is not that great caused by an delay in my recording system.. I speak a bit slow.. But hope you all enjoy anyway

Added 0603 SMD LED navigation lights and 3mm LED beacons on the tail and underbelly. “Mini-Flash” LED controller from DIYRC.COM controls the strobe and flashing sequence. Added a 5v voltage regulator for the flash unit to run off the 2s flight pack.


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