FALCON 450 RC Helicopter with Crash! Flight REVIEW in HD!


Hey friends, thank you for always viewing my videos! This is our Falcon 450 RC Helicopter that is so amazing! However, as you can see, I made a mistake in controls and ya… next video coming! This is the best all around RC Heli! Arrghhhh.. next video coming. -Pete


19 Responses to “FALCON 450 RC Helicopter with Crash! Flight REVIEW in HD!”

  • Shamaiel Intkhab:

    He talks I think 13 min?

  • QuadRockstar:

    Lol stupid and your paid to fly.?

  • The_Nooby Worms:

    dude i got one for 69.99 on sale ?

  • Bobert Squirlington:

    Wow dude 7 minutes and ur still talking ?

  • Bobert Squirlington:

    Just fly the thing already?

  • william jackson:

    Pete, I have been watching your flight reviews for years now and I've neglected to mention that you have the best camera people EVER!. I lose track of it on the screen more than they lose track of it with the camera.?

  • birdman bl:

    Pete you were ripping it up to the crash great video and attitude aloha?

  • willsonnss:


  • Jason Jelenek:

    Hey pete had it for over a year now and your guys can't help me get the right settings, If you could post the stock settings that came with the heli I could figure it out…please post the stock settings, is it that hard to get, I don't get it, I'm really not happy with the support, get a trex guys ?

  • AeriformRC.com:

    doing a simple piro flip involves no collective. if you could do stall turns you could of gotten out of that. Just lost orientation. piro flips arnt good to do on a maiden.?

  • Antonios Printezis:

    Dude.. didn't you say that it comes already programmed out the box and it requires nothing from the used? LOL! .. i am j/k Pete 🙂 i enjoyed the movie and you are almost making up on the crash cost from YouTube views 🙂  Keep up the vids 🙂 (liked)?

  • onur ilgar:

    wow i didnt know a heli can do all these accept crash… i saw lots of crash :D?

  • JYTheKiller:

    If you are not crashing, you are not flying!?

  • Greg Tokarski:

    Damn man! Was such a nice flight till…. Sorry to see the crash! Good work by whomever was filming – minus the focus issues before the crash it was filmed very well. Were you flying in idle mode? Hope you had many good days since then! Will check out other videos later – in the meantime subscribed so I won't loose you ;)?

  • MrRust4ever:

    flat surface doesn't matter for gyro initialization, gyros do not sense magnetic gravitation. they sense movement, so just don't move the model when powered until gyro is fully initialized      ?

  • MrRust4ever:

    old product out of date. we are at the end of 2013, you are supposed to be flying flybarless.
    don't get me wrong but flybar is a complex mechanical mixing and this heli is built with a budget. no quality flying with this one.    Pete good job i like your presentation 🙂   ?

  • birdman bl:

    Great flying man and incredible crash

  • Mark Cugini:

    Electronics in their products and sell them with the crap electronics. They scam

  • Mark Cugini:

    In all of the banana hobby videos they put all of their own good w

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