Phoenix RC model aircraft simulator float aircraft flying movie by Gary

hi, here I am flying the Phoenix RC simulator with float aircraft, airplanes and helicopters.
this is a great tool for learning the basics of flying RC! this RC simulator beats the pants off GreatPlanes RealFlight! another real good RC simulator is AeroFly pro deluxe version 5.5. thanks for watching and God Bless***** ;-D
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9 Responses to “Phoenix RC model aircraft simulator float aircraft flying movie by Gary”

  • daniel trujillo:

    muy largo el video?

  • Gary Flymore:

    stay at it Greg, youl get better! have fun too, thats a order!!!!!
    Gary ;-D

  • G Bro:

    Hey Gary, It came in the mail today. The guy said he forgot the manual and will send it.
    This is NUTS. I'm sure if this was real life I would have broke $ 5 ,000 of planes & Heli's. I cant believe how bad i fly. Lol I do crash real good though. This is 10 times better then i thought. Maybe by spring i will be able to keep a Heli up in the air. You are a outstanding flyer, keep adding new video for people like me to dream .
    Thank You so much

  • Gary Flymore:

    hi Greg, I'm not familer with either of those helicopters. but if your just starting and never flown a copter before, get a coaxail one. with a copter you have to use all 4 axes of controls to fly them!!!!!! what ever you do, I wish you sucess buddy! God Bless***** Gary ;-D

  • G Bro:

    Thank you Gary, LOL I'm a new-b . Years ago I did a little RC planes and cars.
    What do you think about a starter 6ch. Heli.
    I have been looking a the Walkera CP Master or the Art-Tech Genius 250.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Gary Flymore:

    hi Greg, youl love it, the devolpers did there homework on Phoenix!
    no errors, great support, and great editor, and easy to use. let me know when you get it instaled and we can play it together in the multiplayer!
    all the best***** Gary ;-D

  • G Bro:

    Hi Gary,
    Great Video, I just bought one tonight.
    Thank you

  • Gary Flymore:

    thats a small card, but you could tweek your settings to not show smoke particals/ airplane shadows/ lower your video quaility/ ect…… and you would be able to have fun with the game.
    good luck! Gary

  • floridamike75:

    Hey Gary, will a Radeon 6400 video card be sufficiant. Thanks, Mike.

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