NeXt Simulator v1.658 – new models

The new models in NeXt v1.658: The Align T-Rex 700X with the setup of Luca Pescante and Pilot-RC Extra NG 2,61m.

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Horizon Insider Tech Talk: How to Fly Collective-Pitch RC Helicopters

Interested in learning how to fly RC Helicopters? You are not alone! In this episode of Horizon Insider, Kyle grabs the Blade 230 S V2 and gives a quick guided introduction on how to fly collective-pitch helicopters.

Note that we always recommend a true beginner to start with a fixed-pitch helicopter (or a quad/multi-rotor), but this should help once you are ready to make the jump to a true collective-pitch helicopter capable of flying inverted and performing 3D maneuvers.

Recommended beginner helicopters (fixed-pitch):
70 S RTF:
120 S (RTF and BNF):

Recommended intermediate helicopters (collective-pitch):
150 S BNF Basic:
230 S V2 (RTF and BNF):

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15 Responses to “NeXt Simulator v1.658 – new models”


    This is the most informative video I’ve watched yet. Thanks ??


    When I'm in a hover and stability mode and then I'll up one it wants immediately go forward and down to the left have to save it I have to panic save it any thoughts.

  • kuna D:

    all i need is the stick movements for 3d .

  • kuna D:


  • Gregory Duvall:

    I myself do not fly 3d, so I would set up idle 1 with hover pitch at mid stick

  • BeHeaven616:

    Hello! I just bought this heli rtf and a dx6e. With the stock remote that comes with the heli it works just fine, but when i bind it to the dx6e the rear rotor doesnt run smooth, when turning it stutters in the direction that i want and doesnt turn smooth! Iam a noob so i got no clue of the remote is in the wrong settings?

  • kuna D:

    if your in 3d mode and you didn't do a flip what would happened too the heli.

  • kuna D:

    MORE , of these video on how you fly in 3d thanks.

  • John Gabriel:

    "Essentially" a nice video demo lol. Trying to decide between this Blade 230, and the Blade 150, for entry level helicopter. Any advice?

  • Joseph Romo:

    I got my 150s ordered today, it's my first collective pitch helicopter. I'm so excited but also nervous to learn 3D flight.

  • MrNater1978:

    and also you said.. but you should use idle up to try to go inverted.. not to try it with low head speed…as that is what lets u go inverted…thats is sooo not true..and you can't even go inverted if you're not in idle up.. because you only have positive pitch..and you hit isle up it's obviously increases your head speed and that helps but it's only because you have negative and positive pitch that can go inverted..

  • MrNater1978:

    friend..not ttryinbta be a smartass..but u sed while u were hovering ur heli..pretty much that u was controlling ur movements with head speed….that is only for fixed pitch.the swash is what controls your collective .. on a collective pitch helicopter..i have the trex 550 pro..ive been flying several years..

  • SRC:

    I was wondering if it is advisable to start with 270S BnF as my first collective pitch heli since i have many 3S 1300mah batteries laying around.I have flown fixed pitch heli (3 channel) and warbirds (6 channel). Thank you for sharing such educational videos, it actually got me started in rcplanes 2yrs ago with a 3 channel Super cub?

  • Aron Douglas:

    Sadly, i got my 180 trio last year, and its spent more time on the repair bench than in the air. I cannot for the life of me get my head around flying. This is my first collective pitch heli, but I ahve experience in flying fixed pitch helis, quads and planes. Plus, I'm a semi enthusiast flight simulator pilot….so aircraft aren't new to me. But, for some reason I cant get the hang of this collective pitch heli. Granted, I am using an OpenTX controller with a Spektrum receiver,so I think there are some communications errors….but this thing is a bugger to simply hold in a hover. Very upsetting :(

  • Rod Reichardt:

    Nice video. I am probably going to get one of these. I started flying about 12 years ago but quit when my son easily surpassed me in a couple of weeks. My son became a fairly accomplished 3D pilot and I built and maintained his stuff. He’s gone to college and I am interested in flying again. I am thinking of a Blade 230S. I have plenty of large helis but not really much that I would consider a trainer. I like the size. Big enough to see but small enough to be relatively cheap to crash. I would suggest that people not use the normal mode. I assume stability is still available with full pitch. People who learn in normal mode tend to develop the bad habit of slamming the throttle down when they have an issue. Ask me how I know this. Once in idle up this is a terrible habit as chopping the throttle slams you into the ground. I think a softer idle up pitch curve with lower head speed makes more sense so that pilots immediately get used to using throttle hold. Plus this gives you an extra idle up flight mode. Just my two cents.

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