My RC Car Tool Collection

My RC Car Tool Collection

Some but not all of the main tools I use to fix my RC Cars
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13 Responses to “My RC Car Tool Collection”

  • Sandy Woolf:

    The video explanation is very good. Not long ago, I bought a set of this renhotecic brand tool set, and just watched this video to learn how to use it. It is recommended that friends who like to repair by themselves can prepare a set.

  • Martin S:

    I have the same Bosh IXO screwdriver for many years and using it mainly on furniture and just bought moment head which is superb with screw in plastic. It's pretty cheap and working pretty well. Part number for faster searching is 1600A001Y5. I usually use 1, 1,5, 2lvl of intensity for screws into plastic body. There is a level of torque marker by the screw icon but you can set also half level between. I hesitate between DeWALT DCF680G2 and buy just moment head for still good Bosh. Cheaper variant wins.
    Have you any experiences with the TRA3415 tools? I can not find any good bit for 1,5mm hex. I break two in the last week when i tight pinion gear and when changing Losi arm 😀

  • jerzinho92:

    Kevin was really quieter ?

  • Mr Tambourine Man:

    Brilliant ? seeing hoe different he looks ! Thanks for another great video our Kev

  • N Bert:

    Have you added any new tools since making this?

  • Taylor Starcevic:

    Should do an updated video Kev. Especially if those tools are still alive and kicking!

  • 213gixxer:

    Update tool videos

  • Nolan Philpott:

    Haha baby Kev

  • Drew:

    Anyone else love theses old videos???

  • Ipank 85:

    Love to Kevin..
    Ken u gife me your RC.. Brock is ok.. hihi


    Great video! Thanks Kev!!

  • Oct Lancer:

    Love your videos, thanks for the great content ?

  • Kreizmann:

    Hey kev a tip for you, you should get MIP tools they are the best

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