My First raptor 50 v2 3d hover rc heli

my first ever raptor 50 hover … if I had the money to fix it I would have tryed a forward flight … I told justin I was not going to touch lees chopper if I dont have the money to fix it if I crash it … justin said he would fix it if I crashed .. so I hovered it he would not cover a forward flight lol … I dont blame him these are not cheap to fix …i have started a rc forum for rc pilots to go talk and learn from each other please join me on face book I am trying to bring as many pilots and newcomers to this hobby as I can and with the volume of people on facebook we can really make a community of pilots to gain knowage from.
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Raptor jet protocol RC helicopter got it for at Marshall’s
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11 Responses to “My First raptor 50 v2 3d hover rc heli”

  • TheLipRipp3r:

    I was soooo lucky! Not a scratch! lol

  • Hacker8675309 Hackstyle Videos:

    I like helis I just dont want to pay for parts LOL and crashing is not if but when… thanks for the sub and comment

  • Hacker8675309 Hackstyle Videos:

    @TheLipRipp3r was not my first heli hover but it was a first for a big nitro heli

  • TheLipRipp3r:

    better than my first hover! :-)

  • Hacker8675309 Hackstyle Videos:

    I am not a huge fan of the helis they scare me… but they are fun to fly …

  • rotorwash46:

    expensive smoke machine.trim her out good and you should be able to hands off and she will sit there still in a hover.always always check all bolts nuts and hardware muffler before each and every flight please they are very dangerous.BUT WHAT A BLAST they are. have fun .i got into planes after 20 hovers on mine selling it now RTF.

  • Hacker8675309 Hackstyle Videos:

    @420choky … if you are talking about it kinda jumping … I was getting a feel for the collcetive response … each time it jumps I was pushing up on the throtle stick and changing the pitch on the blades causing it to jump …

  • 420choky:

    why is it pulsing like that

  • Sheel Patel:

    Why the fuck would u buy it from ebay or amazon. The return policy sucks

  • dmk:

    or you could go on ebay or amazon like normal people

  • Louis Pavlick:

    Don't crash the thing. Not all parts are for sale, and contacting the company isn't easy.

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