Micro Twister Pro indoor RC helicopter with Beginner and Advanced flight modes

This product has been upgraded to the Micro Twister Pro 2.4:

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Hello everybody, here’s a little video of my new LiteHawk XL Helicopter.. I tested inside the house. This Helicopter is very fun and easy to fly! 45 min to charge for about 12 minutes of flight !
i dont ave test the Heli outside yet..to mutch wind..but i will make a video and a review about that..because i think we need to ave a clear day(no wind) to fly that easly outside.

Good flying to all!
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16 Responses to “Micro Twister Pro indoor RC helicopter with Beginner and Advanced flight modes”

  • 3DPeter:

    Btw, the next model should have a quick exchangable battery,
    with an extra usb charge cable, so that you can charge multiple batteries at once, and get unlimited flying time.

  • 3DPeter:

    No thanks because it's a great product. It fly's exellent, it only need a few batteries for the transmitter, who last like a year or so, and the chopper has it's own lipo that is charged by a usb cable, and it only takes an half hour, for the next flight, that can last up to 7 minutes! I did fly big planes, with al the work, time and money that it takes, and now i just unplug a usb wire, and fly in my livingroom,
    at no cost at al. This great gadget should get the toy of the year award.

  • MrGanninu93:

    i got one for christmas and im loving it 🙂

  • Dean Khoury:


  • drubblers:

    Thanks for your comment! It's great to hear you are getting so much enjoyment out of your Twister heli!

  • 3DPeter:

    i already wrecked 3 of them, and my 4th one is stil in one piece, and they are the best micro copter around, because you can crash them a 1000 times before something serious breaks.
    But dont worry, you can buy al the spare parts you need. Now when you crash them so much and hard that it starts to wobble, then i would recomend to buy another one, and keep the old one for spares, because even with new parts, the wobble is hard to remove, and 2 or 3 main parts cost almost as much as new one.

  • drubblers:

    Hi there, these pins are available as a spare part (JP No. 6605215). Contact your local model shop and they should be able to obtain them for you.

  • TechMad UK:

    What does it mean when you plug the charger in and the light on the charger flashes on and off over and over again?

  • liam wood:

    yes just got one never had an r/c helicopter and its quite easy to fly

  • Paulm 122:

    Do you guys recommend it for a begginer??

  • Drymarr:

    Wow, you're good.
    I have never flown without a crash.
    My blades are starting to show it too!?

  • richt87:

    Go to banggood.com. Search WL V911. And enjoy 50$

  • DWRWC:

    How long does the battery last between charges??????

  • cosworth2009:

    This chopper is crap but at least your chopped flies forward…I have already replace mine two times and Im now moving to a better brand.

  • YupSolo35:

    Hi Fred,(your name is from Quebec? Because im from there to! 🙂 ) I dont no how hard it is but, im sure this rc copter are pretty strong! I ave never change the proppeller, i ave the set coming whit the copter, i ave never broke them! That happen i hit something to, i dont ave fly a lot but i can tell you something. If you dont ave a lot of place where you fly your copter, that can be the problem, because the wind the proppeller make can destabilize your copter a lot and make you hit something

  • Frédéric Fortin:

    I keep crashing mine… How hard is it? everyone tells me this is a stable rc heli but can't avoid my furniture… How many flights of practice do you have?


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