Lite Machines LMH-110, Vintage RC Heli

After staring at this 20+ year old fixed-pitch RC helicopter for a bunch of years I decided to see if I could get it flying. As received the LMH-110 was assembled and the engine run but there was absolutely no way it could have flown. It looked as if it was assembled in the dark by a preschooler and so very much was built incorrectly.

The design of this little machine is rather unique and many innovative ideas had been put into its construction. The most obvious innovation is the inclusion of a yaw rate gyro as part of the tail rotor assembly. It’s been done before, way in the past but not at a commercial, mass production level.

The engine is a Russian-built Norvel, only 1cc displacement and uses an alcohol/nitromethane based fuel. The throttle response is extremely important with this, a fixed-pitch helicopter where RPM is changed to control altitude. Most engine use a carburetor to change speeds – this one varies the restriction on the exhaust gases to change speeds.

The LMH-110 is a second generation model, the LMH-100 was the first and started selling in late 1994. This 110 model may have been 1996-or-so, can’t recall exactly.


2 Responses to “Lite Machines LMH-110, Vintage RC Heli”

  • Irwan Adinatha:

    Gotta build mine. I just got a new old stock. Should be fun. I bought one used in 1999 , I have flown airplane for years and I gave up after a few tries to get it hover, sold it. Now I can fly helicopter and I gotta find out whats it like to fly one back then, now.

  • Michael Maucher:

    This is so fake.

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