Let's Go for a Huge RC Garage Sale

Let's Go for a Huge RC Garage Sale

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17 Responses to “Let's Go for a Huge RC Garage Sale”

  • Fly WithTom:

    Hey,do you have any cheep cameras.Thanks.

  • Jackson Northcutt:

    How much for rc car 50 but it has to run

  • nuggets3331:

    ill buy any car or truck for 5$ if works

  • waddac2:

    My god you had loads of rc models there Ali, surprised your wife tolerated it, or was she making you sell them LOL!!!!!

    Wish I had been subscribed to you then and maybe could have bought something :o(

  • Rayman215:

    are you still selling anything

  • Randy Rogers:

    Want to purchase from you tc heli mirco I you have one like walkera or your cb I have the novus 125cp but been havong some bad vibes after I got new parts think my gf gets up set when I try to get new parts please let me know and I also getting rid of my esky honeybee cp 2 some broken parts let her try to fly one and she crash it so I will trade for a fix pitch if you have one thanks I have picks of my helis on fb my name is randyrogerslife3@yahoo.com please let me know .

  • Caleb Grabendike:

    whould you sell me somthing thats not very much im only 13 and dont make much money

  • MrXtronnick:

    Oh God i wish i was your neighbor !!!!

  • Rodrigue de Schaetzen:

    Hey Ali! I desperately need a new servo and maybe a new motor!

  • Joni Mondejar:

    I maxxed out with 7 Align helis and it took up a room full of storage racks because of gadgets, parts and other equipment. I found it easier to get rid of old batteries and other experimental stuff by selling them together with the Heli itself.

  • Keep The Nature:

    Great sale!

  • SkunkWorX:

    Ali,…. How about the Entire Skywalker FPV system & setup? all in one, for one price. if you do i'm buying it!!

  • PHeMoX:

    Be sure to keep some stuff for little Arish though Ali. 🙂

    Best of luck to you with the sale. You've got some good deals. It's too bad I'm a bit broke at the moment or I would have tried to buy the WK 450 flybarless helicopter.

  • RPS Elite:

    Hi Ali,

    Im just curious Man…. With all these stuff…. How many years are these in the making before you decided to have these Huge sale??

  • jo3natan:

    Im excited for the next season of RC review by Alishanmao! 🙂


    Dear Bro Ali,
    Is yours Big F4U ESC already upgraded? I think i just want to buy the F4U and Texan or the P51 and the F4U. I'll take either one which already upgraded.
    anyway I prefer buy from you rather than Hobbyking.


    I would like a small helicopter…a good precision one. Let me know

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