Invader RC Helicopter with Built in FPV System Indoor Flight

Check out this cool single rotor fixed pitch 4 channel FPV Invader RC Helicopter equipped with Built in FPV system that sends live video directly to a Mini high resolution color LCD screen on its radio. This awesome concept has simply turned the FPV for beginners towards worry free flying and also improves their learning curve to learn to fly 4 channel RC Helicopters. As its true, flying a Helicopter through FPV system is lot easier than flying it by looking at it. Beginners can now not only easily learn to fly and master Flying RC Helicopters but at the same time they can enjoy the FPV (First person view) flights on helicopters that was previously impossible for them to afford due to expensive equipment and very complicated setup. These helicopters have a clear 100m FPV Range for the beginners to start learning with and enjoying the wonderful world of FPV. Not only are these helicopters very stable during flight but very durable too. Fixed Pitch Blades and Metal Main rotor head, offers great stability for both indoors and outdoor flights. Enjoy this indoor flight. Unboxing review and outdoor flight are coming soon. We are working fast to make this helicopter available to purchase directly from us and from our site Bookmark the site today. Comments and feedback welcome at , and Don’t forget to visit , and Subscribe to and
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18 Responses to “Invader RC Helicopter with Built in FPV System Indoor Flight”

  • Carlos Flores:

    I would love to have the the husban fpv invader and flynx their fun to use and also it would be cool to fly outside far away from you and see on the small tv it has on the controller to see where your going when your flying the helicopter away from you?

  • MrNevped:

    Hey ali man, my Hubsan x4 fpv quad the transmitter to move left has died , Argh can I use this transmitter and is it true  u can change modes like mode 1 and 2 , and is range increased or do antenna mod? i cant find replacement anywhere ??? ?

  • Edsel Earl Dausen Convento:

    Whats better invader or lnyx?

  • TheFunworld123:

    which is better the invader or lynx please tell?

  • Mstafa Marouani:

    as you say i need to learn who to flying it in a room under i am siting on on other good family by the way keep it man and thanks for the demonstration?

  • cod gamer:

    more like your ugly face?

  • Showaski39:

    can you fly these outside and show us in a video? also, can you connect fpv goggles to the transmitter??

  • ????? ???????:

    why u show mostly helicopters fpv while the website you put in description shows only quarupers??

  • ben chya:

    I watch some of your vid and its really nice 🙂 but i have a question.. if u know the hubsan a05 fpv transmitter? And if u know that does can use in any reciever? Like your hubsan transmitter??

  • Ruman Uddin:

    Hi AliShan, great video saw it n brought it n now need help with the trimming mode – pls help?

  • Lol123:

    Nice Vid ! How long is the flight time and what range does it has ? 😀

  • SC RC:

    Is this the h102d

  • Todd Davis:

    how do you set the trim for this helicopter. could you show a video of how to trim each one?

  • Hugh Jarce:

    would you recommend this model for the absolute beginner?

  • Piro Channel:

    ??? ???????? ? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? ???????????? !!!

  • Tomskut1:

    ok, so two questions! Have you guys made this? if so, Impressive! The second question is: Can I record the video from the camera?

  • trefoilatelier:

    do u have any videos on setting up the fpv on the vehicle?

  • Melvin Houston:

    FPV Invader

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