Lynx RC Helicopter with Built in FPV System Indoor flight

Lynx RC Helicopter with Built in FPV System Indoor flight

Check out this cool single rotor fixed pitch 4 channel Lynx Scaled RC Helicopter equipped with Built in FPV system that sends live video directly to a Mini high resolution color LCD screen on its radio. This awesome concept has simply turned the FPV for beginners towards worry free flying and also improves their learning curve to learn to fly 4 channel RC Helicopters. As its true, flying a Helicopter through FPV system is lot easier than flying it by looking at it. Beginners can now not only easily learn to fly and master Flying RC Helicopters but at the same time they can enjoy the FPV (First person view) flights on helicopters that was previously impossible for them to afford due to expensive equipment and very complicated setup. These helicopters have a clear 100m FPV Range for the beginners to start learning with and enjoying the wonderful world of FPV. Not only are these helicopters very stable during flight but very durable too. Enjoy this indoor flight. Unboxing review and outdoor flight are coming soon. We are working fast to make this helicopter available to purchase directly from us and from our site Bookmark the site today. Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] Don’t forget to visit , and Subscribe to and


16 Responses to “Lynx RC Helicopter with Built in FPV System Indoor flight”

  • Afrocanuk:

    Where did you purchase this helicopter??

  • Sergej Ivanov:

    Why my lynx keep going to the left side???????

  • yxapb1:

    That about corner-flying? Some toilet intervention? ))

    Nice reviews, thanks!?

  • Matthew Howell:

    Ive seen people get sliced open by the plastic propellers and then they have to go and get stiches…?

  • Jay Lloyd Dejecacion:

    can we do a video recording using this unit? I like your review.. gobless?

  • Laurent Beardsell:

    Witch is better? Coaxial rotor or single rotor?

  • Dartec:

    Considering buying one but which is best dual main rotor or single rotor, please?

  • Jefferson Governador:

    Friend, I can not stabilize the flight of the helicopter can not make it up, he is wanting to stay running, as that fais?

  • Everton Oliveira:

    Vaas Montenegro? Its you?

  • Bruno Santana:

    ô cara sou do Brasil, vocÊ pilota muito bem 😀

  • KeenFifa:

    I dont know why when I pushed up the left throttle,the rotor never spins…on the transmitter it says it is 7.4v…is it normal…please reply asap thnx.

  • Jacob Patterson:

    im pretty good at radio control items my self but still need some help with helicopters and planes i am also only 13 but maybe you could help me

  • Damir Catic:

    Is it equped with same RC transmiter and camera as on Spyhawk ? Is 50-100 meters video range factory written or it can actualy fly farther ?

  • Chris Warner:

    I'm pretty sure I've seen u use video from the FPV camera in your clips how did u record from the fov camera would I need a 5.8GHz rx for a pc so I can record from it. I brought one these kits the tramsmitter has a rattle inside it is this normal for the hubsan kits, how good is the single rotor moel outside?

  • eX750F:

    Perfect tool for nude beach.

  • Tom Krijnen:

    what's better, this one or the spy hawk fpv glider??

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