Incredibly large jet-powered coaxial RC helicopter

This is a huge, very nice, jet powered RC scale model of the Russian KA-32a coaxial helicopter being expertly flown at the Tokoroa Airfield in February 2015.

Filmed with Sony PJV760 camera with an additional 10x optical zoom lens.


20 Responses to “Incredibly large jet-powered coaxial RC helicopter”

  • Adrianus Seto:

    Amazingly real.. out of this world..
    Amazing effort to come up with a model like that, what a dedication.
    Thanks for sharing the video?

  • FaceInTheWindow:

    You could put your dog in it! Or maybe a monkey or something with some little goggles on.?

  • Ineke Mateman:

    It looks so real!?

  • Rueagon Vyceratops:

    Now this coaxle rc look great flying in the air , i just wish the coaxles i used to have in the past, had better foward speed. and not such a slow speed going foward.?

  • Karl-Alfred Römer:

    Früher fand ich Koaxial Hubschrauber furchtbar unästhetisch. Aber je klarer mir die konzeptionellen Vorteile werden, umso schöner werden diese Helis in meinen Augen. Dieses Modell hier ist darüber hinaus auch noch hervorragend gebaut und auch sehr realistisch vorgeflogen. Toll! Alle Daumen hoch! ?

  • Berke Beenhouwer:

    Can it winch ? Would be nice, not necessary though. It's a realy marvelous model !?

  • Alex Curtis:

    I don't get the point ha. Why not just flying a quad or heli round in a circle? seems an awful waste of money ha?

  • javon Henderson:

    father god and Jesus loves us?

  • NollieFlipX:

    How many channels does it needs? where I could find the rotor mechanism? or is it all made specifically for it? D=?

  • fuk jb:

    the company "EMA" on the helicopter is from my contry portugal and is written " ministry of internal administration" in portuguese. i've passed near the company head quarters it's HUGE?

  • ThalassTKynn:

    Old school cool. haha?

  • joost xboxsweg:

    Does anybody know how one would set up a flight controller for coaxial heli??

  • Michael Hollier:

    Wow!!! nice model..thanks for the upload….wow….?

  • eSPeeScotty:

    Amazing looking model and flying skill!  If I didn't read "R/C model" and didn't see the people on the ground, I would've thought it was a flight demo of a real KA-32a.?

  • Rotorhead99:

    What an amazing machine. You have to admire the dedication required to build it. As has been said great camera work.?

  • Gino Gizio d'ignazio:

    I don't understand the 11 guys who pointed the thumb down, this is the most perfect reproduction I've ever seen in my life. The KA32 is also my preferred helicopter. Great job really! Sooo many  congratulations?

  • Brett Boughton:

    Well engineered piece of machinery. Thankyou for posting the video. ?

  • Yogie Bear:

    I love this one! It looks easy to fly?

  • Eric Champine:

    Very cool. Loved the video. Thanks.?

  • str8inPilot:

    Bruce, as always, I love your work. I would love to know more about building or obtaining a working RC Coaxial rotor set-up. I'm also always very impressed with you camera work. I've done some videoing of my brother's helicopters and I can appreciate your skill in tracking the subject in flight with a high power zoom lens. ?

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