Huge Mil 24 jet-powered RC helicopter (part 1)

Weighing in at almost 25KGs (56 lbs) dry and powered by a 12KW (15.7 horsepower) gas-turbine engine, this Mil 24 scale RC model helicopter is truly magnificent.

In this video, filmed at the 2012 ANZAC international jet rally held in Tokoroa New Zealand, we see some shots before, during and after assembly — plus there’s a short interview with the owner and pilot, Carl Hansen.

Flight videos will be posted soon.
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Timelapse-Bauvideo von RC-Heli-Action zum Bericht über den SAB Goblin Black Nitro, dem Magazin für wahre Flieger (Ausgabe 09/2016).
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20 Responses to “Huge Mil 24 jet-powered RC helicopter (part 1)”

  • Dojocho:

    amazing…I could imagine a group of these flying into a us army base…that would be something….lol

  • Chris Leech:

    Until; you have tried, you don't have a clue as to how much work is involved in these scale reproductions, even if it is a kit. That is one awesome bit of kit. How often do you have meets the likes of this at the airfield in Tokoroa?! No response is needed Bruce. This little upload has so far eluded mee.

  • Neal:

    Czech Airforce

  • Minh Doan:

    Dear Santa…

  • stevies5:

    Stunning piece of work

  • Cyrus Chann:

    all the russian choppers' rotors rotate in clockwise direction from top, this should be the only thing doesn't match the real mi24……but really cool man!

  • Luke Snowmaker:

    a pokial viem, v roku 1992 este Ceska republika neexistovala, ty historik 😀

  • Luke Snowmaker:

    Zatlieskaj si 😉

  • Boriscze:

    Czechoslovakia? To si d?láš srandu ne? 😀 ?eská republika od roku 1992 😀

  • Luke Snowmaker:


  • TXLorenzo:

    That's because the Kiwis live so far away they have to make their own stuff. The probably have the highest per capita number of garage workshops with lathes and mills in the world.

  • Chester Vollbrecht:

    If one were to go on Google Translator, then you will find that there's a different definition. I typed in "caution", in English to Russian and got something different all together, again. "nebuchadnezzar2016" obviously has researched it too. "SHAME" was also an entirely different word also. Be cool everyone!! Fair winds and soft landings to y'all.

  • armyof2brothers:

    how much did it cost

  • nebuchadnezzar2016:

    OMG!!! this is absolutley magnificant… i'm mesmerized *_*
    I myself just started to fly 4ch micro copters, so this is AMAZING!!!!!!! btw mi 24 is my favorite heli 😀

    tnx for sharing and keep up the good work!!! :))

  • nebuchadnezzar2016:

    it means "caution"…

  • sKiTzMiCk69:

    Fuckin stupid video cunt

  • Blyatiful Cyka:

    @slebetman it's the crafted mine not mind bot it's ok

  • jayc004:

    everyone always looks terrified of talking to you Bruce!

  • stojko88:

    for children of ages 35 – 85

  • Adrian Hicap:

    what song is this? 🙂

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