Hubsan X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter Maiden Flight

I’m happy with the quad. I need to practice my FPV flying to get all the potential from this quad. Will have more footage posted soon. Thanks for watching. Any questions or comments please leave them below.
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  • Moujib Kraiem (BibiCreations):

    Hey guys what's up?
    I have a question, recently I've aquired a hubsan X4 cam plus. Does it work with the remote we see on the video? Thanks and marry x-mas?

  • Luca verdolini:

    How much cost this drone? can i buy on ebay or amazon? thanks?

  • Oducklover aj:

    where can you get this drone??


    .03MP Camera? Pretty Cheezy for its price. Hubsan is working and making newer Mini Quad Models, So I will most likely wait for a new model, I just lost my 107D :o/  it Flew nice, but Camera was cheezy for sure. Thanks for the video, Good Job.?

  • Xtopher Ruccius:

    How long was the battery life? After having awhile, do you still recommend it??

  • Ahmad Shafi:

    What is the price?

  • Cute Dogs:

    How much is this??

  • Chris Gunter:

    Sorry for maybe asking the same question twice, but in order to stream the live camera to the screen on the Transmitter do you have to have a wifi connection.? Was wanting to stream live video from the quad on some hunting land where no wifi is available. If not is by Bluetooth or some other connection. Thks again for the really cool video. ?????????????

  • Chris Gunter:

    Do you have to be connected to a wifi signal to stream from the Drone to the Transmitter? Thks ?

  • Sun Nbass:

    i prefer DIY but for rookies a perfect gadget.?

  • ReneeNme:

    Got a Hubsan H107L and a Proto X~SLT as my first quads a couple of months ago. Next up is a Syma X5C~1 and then up to the Hubsan H107D as seen in this video. Hopefully move up to a DJI Phantom Vision Plus … someday.?

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