How to set RC Heli ESC Throttle End Points

Just a quick video about setting the throttle end points after you install a new ESC (electronic speed controller) in your RC helicopter
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5 Responses to “How to set RC Heli ESC Throttle End Points”

  • nuttcaze:

    @yeahyoung – no

  • yeahyoung:

    You did this with throttle hold on, right?

  • progamerIII:

    is that the same on all esc's? i just upgraded my century swift from a 60a to a 85 amp. i have ran several batteries thru it already and i never did this? runnin a dx6i if that helps

  • Frobard:

    Thanks Mark! I had just bought a replacement ESC to repair an old helicopter I've bought cheap. I didn't get any manual, but they said the ESC was configured for a heli… well I saw this video and now know better. Good timing 🙂
    (I've also got the manual for the ESC now)

  • Evan Weiler:

    Lol I saw some guy ask how to do this on the forum this is probably his response to that. Great vid

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