HOW TO: Honeybee king 2 RC Helicopter garden hover

Honeybee king 2 RC Helicopter garden hover

Flying my King 2 RC helicopter with training gear on. Carbon blades and brushless motor
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Esky Honeybee King 2 RC Helicopter Garden Hover with  Aluminium  Skids

The king 2 fitted with aluminium skids. These skids have suspension and so have the ability to absorb shock from heavy landings. They also dont break(unlike the plastic skids)!
Also a brushless motor, carbon fiber blades and HH gyro fitted
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27 Responses to “HOW TO: Honeybee king 2 RC Helicopter garden hover”

  • AndyInKent:

    Nice hovering 🙂
    Best sim i have found so far is RealFlight G4

  • omgmazda:

    wow these heli's look good!!!
    I'm glad i got 1!!! i just wish it would get here quicker!!! lol

  • crazykid164:

    nice job i got one 2 there sweet

  • jonnic2000:

    The 11T gives a faster head speed, this is what also came with the motor

  • Clint R:

    nice, I have ordered the HBK2 from hong kong and waiting for it to arrive. Also ordering the brushless 3900kv motor and probably the Esky ESC. I guess the 11T gives more rpms to the blades, why did you go for 11T over 10T?

  • flyinforjesus93:

    good quality video

  • jonnic2000:

    no, it fits straight in. you might need to bend the 3 wires up slightly so that the motor fits in the slot.

  • jonnic2000:

    If the angle of the blades are fixed on your heli (moulded plastic) then it is fixed pitch. Collective pitch machines change their angle of the blades to get a quick change in lift. Fixed pitch machines can not respond quickly as to increase lift then need to increase rotor speed. Fixed pitch are the easiest to fly and simpler to fix also.

  • yuri1988:

    hi jonnic2000, would you recommend this helicopter if I've played with the Venom Aircorps' Ocean Rescue? I'm so bored with my helicopter. There is nothing new about it. I'm not sure what you mean when you say collective pitch. Is it the same for Ocean Rescue ?

  • jonnic2000:

    try a simulator first and make sure you can handle it properly. try FMS, its free. get the simulator controller as well when you buy the helicopter. it might be better for you to get a fixed pitch heli before rushing to get a collective pitch (king2) as they are cheaper when you crash!

  • sweeaa:

    Hey! Im a 12 year old kidd.i wanna buy a king 2 but im not shure if i can handle it i only flyed a picopter(cheap shit..)what is the first i need to do when i get it?

  • jonnic2000:

    Yes i can recomend this, but dont expect to fly it straight out the box as you will need to do some tweeking and will also need to learn how to fly if you have never flown a Collective pitch helicopter before.

  • jonnic2000:

    The brushless motor is the esky 3900kv, you buy it with speed controller as this need to be changed too.
    i would also recomend carbon fiber blades and perhaps a heading-hold gyro such as gy240

  • Eric Lucero:

    What motor did you upgrade to? And did you have to change the speed control? I'm thinking of getting this heli and I'm a bit newbie. Is there anything additional you'd recommend getting with the purchase?

  • jonnic2000:

    yep, the BL motors are avalible from many suppliers. the motor and controller will proberbly cost £30. They will improve the performance, and are quieter then brush motors. you should also get an 11Tooth pinnon gear with the motor which will increase the rotor speed to help with stability.

  • Chris Barker:

    can you buy a brushless motor seperatly for the stock king2? how much will it cost? and what difference do they make? lol, sorry for all the questions, im knew to rc helicopters :p…all ive done so far is car and boat, and they have both been nitro, so i dont know much about electric things =[ :p.

  • mattydred69:

    yes it will and you wont be able to do 3d but you can adjust the giro .you can buy a brushless falcon 3d sport rtf for £200 and it comes with a nice painted airwolf fuze and retracts. i will get either the falcon or king2 with the airwolf. can 3d fly with falcon sport and change to airwolf scale flying when get i bored

  • jonnic2000:

    But the weight of the airwolf cover will cause the heli to be sluggish

  • mattydred69:

    you can get the a fibreglass airwolf of ebay

  • MHitz:

    Thanks, I really think it is main shaft. I took it out and checked but there is no obvious bending. I will change it anyway to make sure. I will have to chectk feathering bar as I dont have right tools to remove it yet. I feel like i am learning how to fix the heli first before start flying.

    Man your heli is fine tune! Nice…

  • jonnic2000:

    Main shaft bent? this will cause vibration. Make sure your blades are balanced and tracking correctly and that feathering shaft is completely straight.

  • MHitz:

    I just got king 3 and only flew once. Waiting for parts. Do you know why it is vibrating? Its not main gear because i got a new one. not main blades because it is still vibrating even without them. Can rule out feathering shaft because it only affect with wings.

    I think it is just main shaft but i am not sure. if you have any ideas, please let me know.

  • Dan North:

    yea i agree with UbeRationale, i have done about 5 flights and waiting for my stock motor to burn out, saving for the upgrade now 🙂 cnt wait, nice flying by the way im not quite at your level just yet

  • jonnic2000:

    dont need them anymore!

  • AndyInKent:

    What no training gear?

  • brandokelly:

    wish I had one of those…..nice flying:)

  • philquine:

    What a great way to trim the hedge!!!

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