Estes Proto X FPV Micro HD Quadcopter RTF Unboxing – TheRcSaylors

Estes Proto X FPV Micro HD Quadcopter RTF Unboxing - TheRcSaylors

Nate Unboxes the Estes Proto X Micro HD FPV Quadcopter RTF to show you exactly what comes inside the package when you receive it. This is the Proto-X FPV for short, which gives you a live stream of video directly to the Transmitter on a 4.5 inch LCD display while you fly! Can RC Quadcopters get any cooler? For an easy 0, you’ll be flying straight out of the box, so lets charge some batteries and do just that!

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Some Features from the Proto X FPV:

– Equipped with a 1280 x 720P camera that shoots HD videos that pilots can watch on the transmitter’s 4.5″ (114.3mm) screen.
– Memory card and card reader allow videos and images to be
downloaded to a computer.
– 3-axis gyro and 3 accelerometers create extremely stable flight.
– May be flown indoors or outdoors.
– 6-channel 2.4GHz radio with hooded video screen for easy outdoor viewing.
– 650mAh 1S LiPo battery with USB charge cord.

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18 Responses to “Estes Proto X FPV Micro HD Quadcopter RTF Unboxing – TheRcSaylors”

  • QuadBro RC:

    how come you don't do your videos like this anymore???

  • melvin hunt:

    man i like that proto x fpv that is nice!?

  • Patrick F.:

    Hey. Why use a computer USB charger? Duh! Use almost any smartphone or tablet wall charger. Unplug the USB and plug in the charge plug. I'm an android user and it works great. Never tried it with an apple one though. ?

  • ryno savory (everything ryno):

    How do I fimd out what format tue video runs cuz I cnt seem to watch any of the footage from the quad copter its self on my phone or my laptop.. really upset about this I would appreciate it very much if anyone could help with this. Thanks alot!!?

  • DaisyRidley:

    Is the thing metal or plastic or aluminum? It's the thing that connects the whole body to the rotors like props the thing is colored gray or silver it's like the thing that connects the props not the the thing that holds the props up its the thing that connects the motors it's colored gray it's thin I guess I'm just wondering wether it's metal or plastic cause I want to really buy this but I'm really scared if that gets broken like the thing I told you about its colored gray or silver anyway what a long question! Sorry for bad English I hope you reply 🙂 Really sorry if I confuse ?

  • Halim Harmouch:

    i just buy a proto x fpv in mode 2 my question how can i change it to mode 1  ?

  • gothops154:

    Is this worth the extra price over the Hubsan 107d??


    hello friend, interesting video over my big question is …
    he makes photographs? The transmission on the monitor is lower? thank you. Make it more videos. :)?

  • Linus Karlsson:

    How long is the battery life on  the quadcopter. =)?

  • FoamMango flys:

    I had the nano and the prop always get dinged up?

  • FoamMango flys:

    Will the dromida kodo prop guards work on the fpv?

  • Maro Vok:

    Cannt see the real size ,filmed with an low f stop camera making it look big while front a in focus back of it out of. Focus very shallow dept of field.?

  • SaltCritters:

    Hopefully this one is alot better than the Hubsan FPV quad thats been out for over a year now, especially since its $100 more.  The video range wasn't great with it and the TX looks identical to this one 🙁  Love your videos by the way.?

  • Papo Cordova:

    Cant wait to see the video disply. Lets fly. Cant wait.?

  • Willie Walley:

    Started with the Proto x, the first one, I got it for $40. It is very durable?

  • Bodman79:

    This is awesome. I might be able to get back into rc like I want here soon too. Great video again. ?

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Setting a new bar in the RC world, the Proto X FPV!?

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