How to fly an RC Helicopter! Featuring the Eachine E120 RTF RC Scale helicopter. Tutorial and instructions by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC. #rchelicopter #eachine #military #usmilitary

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18 Responses to “HOW to FLY an RC HELICOPTER ??”

  • David Wayne:

    THANKS— I want to learn this well– and once I get better– I'm getting an AIRWOLF– slight larger— then when good with that one- get a bigger one– until I get the really big one and can fly it WELL…. (maybe put a couple extra cameras in it…)

  • Skreggie:

    So if this RC helicopter is about $79 and the one that has three batteries is 90 bucks how much is for more of them deck and have extra batteries?

  • Skreggie:

    Oh one more thing I forgot to tell everybody noticing my history about a person that I love the most Nicholas Tesla that works specifically with wireless inventions I cherish him the most but on top of this and one of the most impressive not by me just straight up annoying to do something but I cannot see well I am visually impaired but this never stopped me I have the abilities of knowledge to understand how to use some sort of you know flying object or play a game that is on an Xbox or PlayStation so with the right YouTube channel I can learn how to fly a thing like this.

  • Skreggie:

    So I’m still gonna work on understanding your username I’m really happy that I have joined this channel once I get my new remote control helicopter I will come specifically to this channel to explain to you what type of helicopter it is so somebody could explain more I might get information actually a matter of fact because I love anything that has a remote and I enjoy flying objects mostly flying objects I like Car as well I am going to get some thing that I’m gonna put on my wall so I can hang the controllers there on top of it I’m gonna make something that I can put all of the helicopters that I get around my room but getting away from that hello everybody nice to meet you all I hope that we can have some fun around this channel and let’s get into it.

  • Anything rc:

    Brilliant and informative I’m in the middle of learning to fly this video was amazing thank you we need more videos like this how to fly explained simply thanks again I’m learning with my blade 230s v2

  • OWC Upgrades:

    Great review. Thank you!

  • casper2yall:

    Great video, I just ordered this one..

  • Henry Hartsfield:

    Did I miss where you put the helipad in the link

  • David Demaree:

    When you change modes, does it stay in the new mode after a power cycle of does this need to be done at every transmitter powerup?

  • jeffrey uprichard:

    Grip the sticks between the thumbs
    it's a lot easier

  • Paragjyoti Gadget:


  • Felurian Masters:

    Needs fpv

  • Raymond Jimenez:

    This brought me back to when I first started flying these RC helicopter's in the late 80's?
    Of course they didn't look this great, but it was a helicopter.
    I still remember doing all these exact moves? It sure was fun. Thanks for sharing JD. Definitely a great video. Thanks again. ???

  • Land of Saints FPV:

    You hitting the U.K. while in Europe bro?
    I really need this vid ??

  • Lyn Smith:

    Good tutorial Justin

  • JohnnyD RC:

    Hey Justin Great I haven't had a heli for years, Especially a RTF Kit. Thanks for the video and information about the Eachine E120

  • J Rooper:

    Thanks for the video. I just got my E120 5 days ago. Being brand new to RC helicopters and watching other videos of people reviewing this heli, I thought I could easily just test it indoors. On it's maiden voyage, I simply wanted to see it take off and hover and then make it land inside my house (did not plan to actually fly it around inside until I got more experience). As soon as it took to the air, the helicopter immediately drifted to the right, flew across the room before I could react, and crashed into the wall. First test flight did not do so well! Fortunately, there was no damage to the helicopter nor my walls. For my 2nd flight I was in my backyard. I immediately was able to hover and keep control. Mainly focused on hovering with the tail facing me so I could work on trying to keep it stationary in the light breeze. After a few minutes I got cocky and started to try forward flight. As the heli was flying with the nose towards me, I started to fight a strong wind gust and then got confused on my corrections since the controls were backwards and ended up crash landing in our swimming pool. This heli is very realistic in that it sinks very fast!!! I immediately jumped in and rescued it. Instead of trying to continue to play with it and possibly damage the electronics that are now all wet, I immediately took the battery out and vigorously shook the helicopter to try and get most of the water out. I then let it sit for a day to allow it to dry. I am happy to report that the helicopter is fine and flies without any issues. However, the battery that was in it when it submerged does not seem to work (at least none of the led lights come on when you push the button). I have not tried to charge that battery yet since I still have two other batteries that are working fine. This video is great in that I now have some ideas of how to practice and learn to be a better pilot. Thanks!

  • William66allen:


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