HOW TO: Day 5 – Hover Figure-8

RC Helicopter’s Day 5 flying lesson is a progression from the basic hover exercises learned on day 4. Day 5’s lesson teaches you cyclic coordination by performing hover figure-8’s in a tail in orientation.

Let’s learn to hover a helicopter! Everyone started here so let’s talk about it. Let me know if I have missed anything or if there is anything I should cover.
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4 Responses to “HOW TO: Day 5 – Hover Figure-8”

  • zappulmo:

    Thanks for the video, Just build my 1st heli for my son & I and starting right from scratch.

    All the best

  • RCFreak1231:

    home made huh

  • trexinvert:

    If a newbie is already at this point and needs directions, he needs a SIMULATOR. He also probably hasn't applied loctite correctly. This is a dangerous hobby and we all need to take it seriously. Stay Safe Keep Simmin.

  • helitalk:

    @cabracove Thank you. It is a simple video but it does the job. I am going to continue making them and hopefully help you in your progression. Have fun.

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