Exceed RC 2.4GHz TX 3D Helicopter Basic Tutorial

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  • Benjie may-ag:

    the thing is no one in history ever showed how the fuk turn the helicopter on, by controller on camera. idk man im too dumb.?

  • rocknthetube:

    Its nice to hear simple explanations for those learning on their own. I've been flying four channel for a while now and want to move on to bigger and better things. I wasn't sure if I could fly a 6 channel like a 4 until I watched this. Thanks a lot for posting this video. : )

  • TheBeatSmith:

    Ok…so I have been flying inside for months….I just got a DH9083 and it ok but I want to fly forward not go where the wind takes me….I consider myself an advance beginner seeking to move in the intermediate, no 3d flying yet just hovering, fast forward, figure 8's and some circuits……..I want to know what heli would you guys suggest would be the next logical step.

  • casparams:

    Cool! Thanks for the information.

  • trunksss5:

    I can't even get mine to take off properly

    Drifts to the left and a very fast speek and i can't tune it out

  • Speed Demond:

    good video


  • yamabushisama:

    thank god for you

  • 10inja:

    good info..
    throttle hold only cuts off the motor, throttle stick (which is used to change the pitch on the blades) and the other stick stay active.. it's only that the motor isn't driving or rotating the blades
    the blades would free rotate to allow you to land the helicopter, called auto rotation.

  • xhelicopter:

    I recommend you invest in a flight simulator before attempting any 3d maneuvers

  • TechBoyProductions:

    big waste of time

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