How Are These Incredible Helicopter Stunts Possible?

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Meet the man who makes high powered RC helicopters perform amazing tricks. Would a full-size helicopter be able to do this?

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12 Responses to “How Are These Incredible Helicopter Stunts Possible?”

  • Rosman Man:

    #tareq alsaadi the best

  • cwli1:

    Yes but what about the skills of the helicopter pilot in “The Spy Who Loved Me”?

  • Thomas Baker:

    Its just a drunk helicopter

  • JohnjacobsJHS:

    If these copters had led lights on them. Do you think they could have 5 or 6 flying in formation? Onlookers would think they were one huge UFO. When it's really a bunch of mini-quad or single blade helicopters.

  • Shufkat Ali:

    where can i buy this heli?

  • Axiomatic75:

    What a horrible video. They didn't explain how a helicopter works at all.

  • Andy:

    The same way an airplane can bank at a steep angle and still maintain altitude despite the wings nearly being vertical. The tiny amount of angle is enough with sufficient power or momentum.

  • 7249xxl:

    I guess the purpose of this channel is to transfer knowledge to the general public. However the information spread in this video is just Bullshit.
    It has passed the point of 'making it more basic so everyone can understand it' to the point of it not making sense.
    These rotor doesn't tilt. The mast is fixed. Yes the blades have vertical travel but it's called blade flapping or coning.

    If any kid decides to watch this video to provide information during a school presentation and the teacher actually does his/her research or already understands the basic mechanical and physical engineering behind helicopters that kid would fail his presentation.

  • Fairull Jamli:

    with some more practice..u can hover and fly straigh better

  • Sam Steel:

    I actually had a small stroke listening to those "physicists" explain how they think a model RC helicopter works. That was so very painful to listen to. No matter how great the power/weight ratio, it has nothing to do with making a helicopter hover upside down. These RC helis are capable of tilting their blades beyond horizontal so that there is thrust directed "above" the helicopter. It's often referred to as 3d flying and it's what allows the tick tock, upside hover etc.

  • Yogeshwar Singh:

    I have seen upside down stunt by a real helicopter in air show.

  • andrew l.:

    Yeah as a heli pilot (rc not full scale) i have to say these people have never seen a heli in person, trash explanations but sick bert video

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