World’s Best FPV Helicopter Video!!! DC Tower 3D RC Heli Dive Stunts Hubschrauber Vienna Wien muni86

Tragic end of 4 legendary flights. The most famous FPV helicopter retires and will only be used for 3rd person view flying in the future. The new FPV helicop…
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25 Responses to “World’s Best FPV Helicopter Video!!! DC Tower 3D RC Heli Dive Stunts Hubschrauber Vienna Wien muni86”

  • Ryuuken24:

    Man, you’re fucking nuts to be flying with shitty antennas. Video
    constantly cutting. Yeah, good job in picking out the correct antenna. The
    best FPV antenna is called an cloverleaf antenna, check it out, bro, 1km

  • dresAdventures:

    this is not illegal, he was in visual LOS. also, it is free space which can
    be occupied by anything. as for the US, faa has very little rules about
    uavs and rarely enforces them unless ur a commercial business. kepp flying,
    keep an eye in the sky. ?

  • Chris Doherty:

    all things cool and fun are illegal. Im assuming this is too. The curious
    people on the top of that building are priceless.?

  • fastsofaracing:

    Yeah, probably not the brightest idea to fly that next to the crane. Or fly
    a R/C HELI out of direct sight ie. FPV GOGGLES ?

  • Daniel Martin:


  • Daniel Martin:

    Very cool?

  • ThereIsProbablyNoGod:

    Das beste FPV Helicoptervideo der Welt? An Selbstvertrauen mangelt es
    nicht. An Verantwortungsbewusstsein massiv. Die Flugkünste sind auch
    bescheiden und das Ende ist ein Gewinn für die Sicherheit Menschen in Wien.

  • Dakidd Moo:

    good shit

  • rm688:

    cool spy toy

  • BlockABoots:

    Man, imagine if that failed when you where buzzing the construction
    building!!. The RC gods must have been watching!??

  • muffdriver69:

    By the same token, some people like EDF (speed), some like conventional
    Prop (Thrust). You don’t see everyone going to EDF do you. Not one
    technology supersedes the other, it’s the matter preference. They will each
    have their perks and flaws over the other. In terms of FPV, many prefer
    Prop. For 3D stunt flying, many prefer EDF. It’s been 10 years now and have
    EDF made the Prop become obsolete? No. It will soon be 10 years and will
    Multicopter make helicopters obsolete? According to you, yes.

  • deathgodowns:

    can someone plz make a video on how to make this? plzzz

  • RCHeliJet:

    egal super bilder top..!!!! thumb up!!

  • Mike D:

    I have to go with the ‘not safe’ crowd. A foam plane is one thing, a 450
    heli is something else. At a time when many lawmakers are looking for any
    excuse to shut the FPV hobby down, doing stuff like this only increases the
    chances that one day they will have their ammo.

  • SirCutBurner:

    he seemed to maintain his spacing and trajectory, so he was flying
    safely…any failure would have sent the heli down, away from harming
    anyone….except anyone on the ground where the debris falls, lol. you know
    those office workers really got a kick outa seeing that thing hovering up
    there nearby, hehe … especially when inverted

  • Madbassmassacre R/C:

    i think he was refering to getting good stable shots. Not the stunts.

  • muffdriver69:

    Different strokes for different folks, i.e. some people still fly 1950
    warbirds, or otherwise, they would all be flying twin turbine EDF’s. But
    that’s not the case is it? I fly 3D Heli’s with no experience to
    multicopters but the boys at our local flying club say that Heli’s can do
    things that multicopters “still” can’t, and vice versa, i.e idle up. You
    are putting too much emphasis on multicopters, to which you are entitled
    to. But multicopters aren’t good at everything, which you are leading.

  • RCcunuk:

    perhaps the greatest FPV heli piloting ever

  • muni86:

    The picture is the same but the LCD screen in the video goggles in not as
    good as the PC screen (brightness, contrast). The goggles have 640×480
    pixels and the recorded footage is 720×576. The cable to the goggles is not
    shielded, so I get a little noise when I activate the RC booster.

  • ken lay:

    The people is like dafaq?

  • muni86:

    I got the heli with motor second hand in 2007, so it was working hundreds
    of flights. But I replaced the bearings, the motor is now in a low-RPM Mini
    Titan without any stabilisation devices. So there are no paddles, tail gyro
    or flybarless electronics. I can recommend to learn flying a heli like
    that, it’s a lot of fun and thrill! The frame of the Mini Titan in this
    video is flying again with paddles and tail gyro and a powerful motor for

  • muni86:

    Maybe, nobody cares (until an accident happens)

  • Vash Dao:

    I’ve flown with a myriad of hobbyists myself here in Australia and we all
    love every aspect of each model with their own uniqueness. These long time
    hobbyists say some kids like to fly Planes (FPV), some Heli’s (FPV), some
    like Quads (FPV). There’s no right/wrong. muffdriver makes a valid point
    (and I get laughing moments thinking of his name) that each have their
    strength and weaknesses. FPV is great, but recently, there’s been concern
    about privacy and if it passes, it’s back to LOS flying :(

  • thai2day:

    Looking forward to the new, larger heli FPV videos.

  • Paul Holland:

    I’ve watched upwards of 10,000 videos on this YouTube a lot of cool ones
    this was in the top 10 thank you for posting it sorry to hear about your
    Chopper going out to pasture

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