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This video is a a special edition of the R/Cast recorded live on our UStream page. We had Blade’s James Haley in as our guest to talk about the new Blade mCP X. Come along and watch part 1 of our conversation

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HD Team Manager, Sean K, gets his hands on the NEW Align TB70! Align has innovated new changes to its 700-size helicopter presenting a tail-belt driven system. Sean takes us through a full journey of unboxing, building, and the maiden flight of what appears to be a beautiful new bird.

The Align TB70 is available for purchase, today @ HeliDirect.com!

Align TB70 Electric Helicopter Super Combo (Orange)
Video Rating: / 5


32 Responses to “HorizonHobby.com – mCP X R/Cast video (Part 1 of 2)”

  • @Jimbolina1:

    Thank you James and Horizon. I just got mine and love it! Indoors or out this bird satisfies.

  • @horizonhobby:

    You might want to check out the Blade 120SR

  • @SuperConnorrocks:

    i have a qeustion.i have been flying helis for about 1 year now and all those helis has been micro helis that has been channel 3 helis.now i want to step it up to something more advanced but not some thing that is too simple any suggestions

  • @sonykroket:


  • @Blacklamass:

    Yeah the guy in the middle got to go !


    I have a problem with? the blade mcpx!!! i don't know how to solve the problem… Here a video of them….. youtube.com/watch?v=Wl00N6E3yY­I

  • @jcattera:

    Hello Horizon Hobby, the tail on my MCP X shimmy's left and right a little bit. But it doesn't do it all the time. Is this normal?

  • @kernalmusterd:

    now it has hit some areas of the world it is kicking of big time

  • @bassax7045:

    @startazz its like you sell a perfectly baked cake ,and then the guy trying to sell it is wearing rags and has flies around him,,this is about a close description of what the use of unqualified pesonel can do to your products
    i know to me the cake wouldnt look that appetising is presented by the wrong guy.
    look at align ,they fly in alan szabo jr to testfly their new solopro 100 ,,it just adds to the dream we buy
    dont crush it with these clowns please

  • @jscott1000:

    @dbninja1 Red is fine, since I have the red canopy on my mSR

  • @pcmcg:

    why is the sound so low ???

  • @bigeyefpv:

    you guys need to make a better plug system for these heli's my msr plug is lose and have trouble when i plug it in

  • @Sorrow1994:

    @eliskata agreed 😀

  • @dbninja1:

    got mine on pre-order (uk) love at first sight! ..well done guys..
    can we please have it in BLUE to match my MSR and SR

  • @mikeyyycipriani:

    pre ordering one of these for the UK early March release. I have a few blade helis and this one would complete the collection I think

  • @horizonhobby:

    @OghamTheBold There's a full review coming, that's not what this is. We do a weekly podcast called the R/Cast. Due to inclement weather that week we had to shorten up the production schedule. We also do a weekly live stream on Ustream on Thursdays. We combined the Podcast with the stream and this is the production.

  • @horizonhobby:

    @austin43216 Jim retired last September and John has become our new Air Content Specialist.

  • @P51DFreak25:

    Can u bind this heli and fly it like it should on an sr controller?

  • @austin43216:

    Wheres jim?

  • @ramis182:

    well horizon hobby has done it again, but now that youve gone this far…what comes next? Great video and heli btw

  • @Paul-oo4et:

    Do you still get a
    Microbeastx flybarless gyro?
    If not then what??

  • @nxtgen2b416:

    Their called frame dampers

  • @mattchew83:

    bro, trex started out with belt drive. with are you talking about? I'm confused. is it cause they haven't produced a belt drive in many years??

  • @700sizehelisaretoosmall:

    Wow Bro that Chopper Savage Damn
    When crashing…. Mastercard.exe stops workin‘
    Gotta be a busta not to love it

  • @Knight1968:

    get your self a proper rc helicopter, instead of these crap ones

  • @johngowing2252:

    Nice modern helicopter man! I purchased the 700x like 1 week before they said the TB70 was coming out ????.

  • @33forsaken:

    great video

  • @michaelpowers3106:

    Is there a follow up video with more flying? Thx

  • @slo3337:

    Nice helicopter, i really like the servo layout for better cog. This will be my next heli for sure!

  • @massarms4583:

    So SAB has a patent on servo layout?? They are not even tucked away they are hanging off the frame. I think people are making too much of it.

  • @nickdean468:

    I wanted to ask you what you think of the 850mx motor

  • @nickdean468:

    I think it looks really nice that boom is Super sick

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