Helicopter Flight Simming! Pro Flight Trainer Puma Review + My PC Setup

A review of the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA flight control setup I use for helicopter flying in DCS and X-Plane 11. Plus, I talk about the specs (VR/PC) of my gaming rig setup for DCS (also listed below).
Check out the Pro Flight Trainer Puma:

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My Flight Simming Setup:
Valve Index
Intel i7 8700K
2.0 TB SSD
Thrustmaster Warthog (Fixed Wing)
Pro Flight PUMA Trainer (Rotary Wing)



12 Responses to “Helicopter Flight Simming! Pro Flight Trainer Puma Review + My PC Setup”

  • Joshua Hamby:

    Awesome! I know you'll enjoy it. It'll keep those helo skills fresh. Thanks for the plug!

  • ???:

    Very nice video. I also purchased Puma controls recently but it seems like X-Plane 11 does not recognize throttle axis. I had to use mouse to roll the throttle. Do you know any solution for this?

  • Eric R:

    There are helicopters now in MSFS 2020 and a lot more are coming soon.

  • Eric R:

    How to fly a helicopter in DCS and MSFS 2020 if you don’t have these helicopter controls and your using a regular flight stick and throttle like the Warthog? Which control do you use for the collective?

  • Franco Tenerelli:

    Dear mr, cw lemione, thanks for the briefing that u gave on the puma setup. It helped me alot to trying to understand the world of flight simulator . Thanks Frankie t Bronx County.

  • General Purpose:

    I was more interested in how the controls feel compared to the real thing. Everything about the controls and nothing but the controls.

  • Smith Palus:

    Any suggest link where to buy this pro flight trainer ..puma

  • Chas Nochi:

    Liev Schreiber? Is that you? Is he your brother?

  • Jack Saloman:

    Hp reverb G2 is super sharp.

  • Toni:

    Can you try FlightGear helicopters? FlightGear is an open source and free flight sim and I'd love to hear from you about how does it feel

  • Larry Thompson:

    Are there any actual helicopter pilots who have tried this system?

  • Douglas Ribas:

    Awesome setup! Is there maybe someone with real helicopter flight skils that can give me a little help?

    I've been working on a personal Project, a flight Simulator using unreal 4, qnd i need someone with fresh eyes and also knows the feeling of a helicopter fliyng, not in tecnical way, equations and stuff like that, i just need that someone watches some of the vídeos that i recorded playing with the module (mor finished yet) and may can give me a feedback in order tô achive the most realistic result as possible, it Will help me a lot tô have that feedback of somebody that really have been there, pilots or enthusiasts,
    Below there a link to one of videos that i recorded, searching on the channel there is a couple more also.


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