Heli Terms Infographic – indoorHELLi 008 – A

For the Beginner! Learn the basic terms and definitions of RC Helicopters. Do you know these terms: swashplate cyclic collective pitch fixed pitch yaw flybar flybarless? If you’re starting out with a mCX2, mSRX or mCPX this infographic will help get you started.
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3 Responses to “Heli Terms Infographic – indoorHELLi 008 – A”

  • Jason Kinchelow:

    Man I cant tell you how much your videos have helped me since I bought this dang thing. It was way out of my league. Thanks!

  • purrungas2012:

    really informative thanks, I just bought a use blade Nano" and for so.e reason i can not trim the rudder to the opposite direction that my heli spin, can someone help me please? really appreciate it thanks

  • satttheman:

    Awesome Video!!! THX!!!

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