FPV rc plane night flight police helicopter chase

FPV rc plane night flight police helicopter chase

we flew our plane at the beach one night and a police helicopter came over and started chasing us. the cops came and said that we were probably flying in restricted airspace according to the FAA. We got an email from the police sergeant who was in the helicopter and he said he thought we were another helicopter at first because he could see our nav lights that we had on from far away. He also said that we just need to call them next time before we fly so they know that we are there. hope you enjoy the video.

osd used was Rangevideo osd
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12 Responses to “FPV rc plane night flight police helicopter chase”

  • offshore911:

    amazing thank you for this experience.
    we fly in our garden but covered under an ATC Area. we fly only 90ft high with our quads. my friend paid 160 dollar penalty. next time, we have to ask the tower for take off. we did and we got a clearence, but only under 15meters or 50feet. you see, we are all humans. it happend in germany, where the rules are very very strict.?

  • findog187:

    the camera with the HUD where did you get it? and what model is it??

  • Mike Lentsch:

    This is probably one of the best FPV videos EVER for it's unique circumstantial, historical, and technical content… and way back in 2009 – awesome!?

  • FieldSweeper:

    see not any overreaction that's cool, a warning for safety nothing wrong with that.  good you didn't get arrested or anyone hurt :) this pilots actions will help our hobby they didn't go over board :)?

  • Tim Wiley:

    nice the police said that, although they have no juridiction to say that or to enforce that statement. You are so f ing lucky that they the police did not report you to the FAA. Thank you for using nav lights, Good luck and have fun!?

  • Elmantukas:

    hey what part did you use to have this on the fpv? i mean the altitude speed and such :)?

  • Rados?aw Pierzchalski:

    Great osd….great police country….. Try Pitlab osd. With it You will be stealth,with ILS option. No need any nav lights on ground.


  • Hikari:

    Well at least your police dept is nice =D But, according to the FAA, as long as you are under i think, what, 1000 ft, you are allowed to fly anywhere you want just so long as there are no groups of people below you to potentially crash into. But loved the vid. Not often do you see things from the actual FPV view. Loved seeing all the HUD stuff =D?

  • Victor Miranda:

    It is the very thought of the possibility of harming others, or not respecting others' rights the problem. Someone can very well use a telescopic pool cleaning pole with a camera to spy on the neighbor, and this doesn't mean we should ban pool cleaning equipment. If someone commits a crime using a kitchen knife are we all going to be doomed to slice our steaks with butter knives? Fear kept a lot of people from crossing the ocean fearing they would "fall from the edge of the planet" Peace is to respect everyone's rights. Yes Doc Brown, were we are going we will definitely need roads for people will be more afraid of a what if than having computers flying doing all kinds of cool things for us.?

  • The FPV SkyHawks:


  • Alasdair McC:

    You should have had some fun and chased them, they had more to lose if that table turns! Attack from above next time, and fit a torch or something so they see you coming.?

  • DerKrawallkeks:

    Great video=)?

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