Turbine RC Helicopter. Agusta A-119 First Flight with Police Lights

I installed blue and red police strobes on the underside of the fuselage. Great effect! This kit is made by Graupner and it’s powered by a JetCat HP 5, which I will never use again unless I go two-stage. Belts break!


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  • RCPilotVideos:

    Well, the one in the video is about $13,000. For kids,? the best bet is the Blade MCX-2 by Horizon Hobby.

  • Ana Laura Ibarra:

    My son loves this video so much and has been wanting a police helicopter since he was 2. Want to get it for him this xmas. Can u please tell me where I can buy one at? a good price? I have about $150 to work w.

  • CrazyHeliDude:


  • BOKI797:

    Great flying !?

  • Brett Houghton:

    Hi bud i think youve done a good job on your scale,? well done it looks nice in the air too, i have the same scale too

  • skinny3715:

    Awesome build. Can’t tell? it rc when its in the air

  • Michael Kranitz:

    i worked with NYPD and got their emblem before finishing this? one, but I discovered at the last minute that the exhaust would blow through the logo on one side of the heli so I went with Lone Tree (my home city).

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