EXI 250, AS 355 , Big Lama ESky fuselage, rc helicopter,scale

Little scale project, ESKY big Lama fuselage of the as-355. 5000kv, 2s with esc of 20 amps, can’t fly more than 2 or 3 minutes, esc is boiling at 100 C. Must change for 30 or more amps. Cute in flight.
2011-Jan 30th
Changed for a 30 amps Esc, can now fly 7 minutes with a 1250 ma 2s battery; will change the pinion to be in the best power curve of the motor (around 5000 kv)
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Flight video of my blade 230s in Hughes 500 fuselage 250 scale.


11 Responses to “EXI 250, AS 355 , Big Lama ESky fuselage, rc helicopter,scale”

  • Breno Campaña:

    Okay…. Thank´s!!!

  • Gaetan Boivin:

    Hi Breno,
    I see this little heli as a challenge that i will solve when I will have less projects in progress. You would not like me if you bought it. It is not in flying conditions and the fuselage is broken at a few places. You sure can buy it on the web somewhere.
    Have fun.

  • Breno Campaña:

    Do you have interest to sell me yours?

  • Gaetan Boivin:

    Hi Breno, long time no see.
    Easy project. T-Rex 250 clone from HK or elsewhere and the ESky AS355 fuselage (Big Lama) and skids.
    If the clone is with belt like mine, please, break the mechanic first. It is a hassle to remove the fuselage to change the belt which is far from heavy duty. Friends of mine run kevlar belt on their 250's.
    With the new torque tube 250 from Align, the problem is resolved if you use this product. I had less than 1 hour of flight, but had to work lots of hours for this.

  • Breno Campaña:

    Gaetan, I want to build a heli like yours. Could you tell me the items that composes this heli? where could comoprar the mechanics and the fuselage? Thank you!

  • Dirk Zuchner:

    I really like the way you fly your Helicopters, but happened on the end? The same what happened in the other video? Happy and safe flying :-))

  • Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv:

    looks great!

  • Day Tripper:

    hi brilliant video could you please tell me where you get the fuselage from plse thank you

  • whatever52h:

    Did you epoxy the fuselage to the tail?

  • Robert Schaffer:

    Any tips on how to get the tail motor wires reconnected? I just received my fuselage, great quality. Hope to do my build soon after I get a few more flights in following a repair.

  • Michael Bingham:

    dude that is that is same what I ordered for ,we'll done sir

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