DJI Phantom 2 Death Drop Crash

The DJI Phantom 2 has been suffering from severe power failures.

While capturing footage for our upcoming article on DJI Phantom quadcopters our very own DJI Phantom 2 fell victim to a power failure and subsequent crash.

Our P2 was about 30 days old and had about 27 flights logged. As you can see in the video we were taking off and gaining altitude when the failure hit. We had a full battery and just completed a flight check on the ground and in the air for the first 30 seconds. (not in this clip)

We are currently in contact with DJI regarding this matter and will post updates to our inquiry as we learn more.

A big thank you to our videographers Marc from The Random Bits & Bytes Blog and Jonathan Mosher.

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7 Responses to “DJI Phantom 2 Death Drop Crash”

  • David Downs:

    i had bought a 8 cycle battery for phantom 2 ebay and was the authentic battery and for some reason it wouldnt go more then 3minutes and drop out sky no warning just no thrust and used my old battery and works fine lol so i am trying to see if taking it down to discharge 4% and recharge will do anything? any help suggestions?

  • redragons83:

    Well it might have worked out for you, but the rest of us aren't nearly as lucky dealing with DJI. ?

  • YerkDiff:

    Lol our DJI Phantom 2 fell from a height 10 times as high as this and it survived?

  • Ct Pham:

    what rom were you running?  sorry this happened to your bird.. was there any word on what happened??

  • 5percentnation:

    Charge your battery until the lights turn green?

  • Kelso:

    any word on why this happened????

  • Vasil Spasoff:

    Has this happened to this copter prior to this event??

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