Blade 400 3D RC Helicopter Military Base Major Crash N3M1S1S


22 Responses to “Blade 400 3D RC Helicopter Military Base Major Crash N3M1S1S”

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    @Naud1234 you got that right bruv 😉

  • Naud1234:

    Too bad. The tail rotor grabbed the red ribbon. It went so fast that the Blade 400 immediately went backwards. A part of the antenna was pulled off also. 🙁 The next time, you won’t be using any ribbons anymore. xD

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    @marlonr71985 same ere bruv

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    @CrazyHeliDude cheers bruv 🙂

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    @o0dekker0o you know it bruv

  • o0dekker0o:

    lucky it didn’t get your real “thingy” man , close !

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    Always enjoy watching a great heli vid!

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    could of been ALOT worse indeed bruv 🙁 but i got real lucky that day 🙂

  • puggster:

    too bad man, that was unucky indeed

    just shows with this hobby things can go really bad in a blink of an eye

    on cam @ normal speed you can bearly see what happend untill slow mo

    i thought it cliped some clothing or something

    ah well could have been worse, coulda hurt your self , those carbon blades can chomp chunks out of people really easily O_o

  • marlonr71985:

    im loving the dnb..!

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    cheers bruv 😉

  • tehnoobn00b:

    mate, that vid is the best heli vid ive ever seen .. gf on the crash thow 🙁 nice vid bruv :[)

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    lol just dont get too close to yaself and you should be fine bruv 😉 yes i cant wait either but getting them on video from the heli while chasing is proving to be very illusive 🙁

  • mxhardcore1:

    wow !! Im not running a ribbon on mine bruv… 😛 I can’t wait for you to chase one of the off road buggys with your HD camera it would just be sic as!! about 6 feet of the deck chasing mad sheeit !!!

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    yea i been to skool (lol) and could school you all day bitch 😉

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    cheers bruv 😉 and yes i did but i also use a helicommand on my camera helis 🙂

  • jp100pro:

    Have you ever been to school and learnt english you spastic wanker!!!!!!!

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    and it took you 16 minutes of watching to figure out all that?? wow you must be an excellent pilot 😀 great videos btw 🙂 erm what videos lol running up ya mouth and you aint even got a video up to back ya chatta lol at you 😀 now come back and bright up yaself again you plum

  • LordNikonPL:

    sick d’n’b 🙂
    your helis are very stable.
    damn u use swahs plate lever or something ?

  • jp100pro:

    I’m back!!
    I have saved quite a bit of money sitting here like a lemon, watching other fucking muppets waste their money crashing helicopters.
    It was not even a decent crash while flying, it got caught on some crap bit of ribbon from your mums sowing box!!

  • 0n3m1s1s0:

    yawn lol guess your one of them dosser sorts who aint got nothing better to do with you time than sit watching videos of people out there doing their thing and living while you critique from your chair? get a life better yet get a helicopter and a video camera and go live instead of wasting your life sat there like a lemon going “i could do better” while in reality you do nothing? lol now come back and watch my video again an waste some more time

  • jp100pro:

    Don’t waste 8 minutes of your time watching this, it is the same all the way through.
    Why the hell have you got a gay pride bit of ribbon on your tx, it is not needed, if you stuck it in your hair, it would not have crashed your heli, you big girl!!

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