Complete Flybar Head Setup

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In this video, I walk you though how to completely setup a flybar head on a Collective Pitch (CP) helicopter. It’s not a hard process, but it is a time consuming process as you can see by the length of the video. But if you will sit down and do the steps that I lay out, you will have a bird that is much more stable than it would be if you were to just set it up and “call it good”.

If you need any help with this setup, come over to the forum and we will help you out.

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13 Responses to “Complete Flybar Head Setup”

  • Jim Tsilfidis:

    Thanks! that kinda helped on how to set up a new heli cause im new to this. Ill probably get a kit so ill have to tune it on my own… do you have more videos on tuning your new heli ?

  • Jeff Rimmer:

    yeah i know this is a very old video, but hey let me tell you , I'm a noob to real heli's. But I've just built my first, an hk500gt with align motor and esc, turnigy servos, and hk401b gyro. just wanted to say i could not have done it with out this info! took her outside for the maiden and it was flawless! yes needs some tweaking but all in all very successful flight! Big Smiles Here! Thanks for the great video. Happy Hovering Everyone!

  • Chris Garza:

    Really good video and wanted to say thank you.

  • Steve Cowell:

    Great video, thanks for taking the time to run through this.

  • Jimmie Harris:

    when you started using the pitch gauge on the blade you then had a couple of large screws bearing down on the flybar. where do you get them?

  • sarthak kumbhar:

    Very helpful video

  • Lance Pratt:

    Got gifted an old flybarred 450 class heli from a friend, this video really dispelled all of my fears of a flybarred assembly. At least I know what the hell everything does after coming from a flybarless system. Thanks very much from Texas.

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme:

    I just traded an Extra 300 E RC plane for an Align 450 Pro. After watching your video, I learned alot about setting up a helicopter set up. I have been flying a WL toys 913 and am ready to move up to a good helicopter. I know this is old but you are really going to make flying my brand new never been flown Align. Now I am excited. Drones Bah!

  • Allam Rajeswari:

    Where can I get those helicopter parts

  • John A:

    Great video really helped!!!

  • liquidktm:

    Tony, Fantastic info. Been having issues with servos going in wrong direction and being off, Reversing them not working out. I'll be using this info verbatim to setup my Esky king Bee 3 with my Spectrum AR 6110 and new DX9 Black edition.

  • Zviki:

    Great video,but I have one problem. I can't adjust flybar, because connecting rods to two horizontal arms are solid. Also the rods from flybar to blades holders. Do I need to change them? Thanks

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