Best Mini RC Helicopter

Graduate from the Air-Hogs to a real RC Helicopter! The best choice in Mini RC copters for serious beginners.


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  • Dhiren mapagunaratne:

    excellent vid bro!!!!!!!!!……….im only 11?

  • Rumburak cierna vrana:

    hi I would like to ask walker lama 2-1 vs blade micro mcx or similar from
    blade thanks?

  • LonelyRR:

    Love your video but your wrong/ incorrect with the other models.
    There are three type of heli. A coaxial “Two main blade”, Single blade
    “one main blade that is fixed Pitch “, and the Single blade thats CP
    “Collective Pitch”.

    Anything above the coaxial is harder to fly. If your a noobie/beginner
    stick with the coaxial. Once you feel like you can control the coaxial
    then move over to the Single blade FP “Fixed pitch”……Then to the CP
    “Collective Pitch” which can Fly 3D.?

  • bjorn1000:

    F.I.N.A.L.L.Y a video that explains for us newbies sitting with a RC
    helicopter in front of us at the table, wondering what’s next. I’ve
    searched and searched and searched aorund the net, on manufacturer’s
    websites, Youtube and such, to find out how to deal with the blades. I’ve
    bought several over time, and none of them explains that you SHALL NOT
    tighten the blades with the little screwdriver that comes with the package.
    Thank you for explaining in at matter that is possible to understand. Most
    guys on the net doesn’t manage to lower the level on the information to
    beginners level. You did, and I will like to thank you for that. Now I’m
    doing my first testdrive with my cheap RC ‘copter with camera. (Thank’s
    from Norway.)?

  • Kim Tae Min:


  • tfiggs101:

    If you ever feel like donating let me know please may god bless you?

  • NJ .A:

    this is grand fathir hhhhhhh you ar babe?

  • anliinterior:

    Hello this is nice but I want to ask
    How long the heli can fly?
    Well I mean the duration time not the distance
    Thanks before?

  • TheSnowBall:

    What to buy that’s on the market now? that and the 2-1 is not?

  • Musha Lovesguitar:


  • chipthe ehtpihc:

    whats the point of not crashing and dying

  • bob moon:

    its coaxial then fixed pitch with a flybar then fixed pitch without a
    flybar then COLLECTIVE pitch. right now im at fixed pitch with no flybar
    stage :) blade msr x

  • janny goor:

    what is the point of the tail rotor?

  • stealth654321:

    the syma IS THE BEST TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stealth654321:

    no no no junk junk junk

  • Oskar T:

    lama 2/1 is awsome

  • sean O'Brien:

    You are right the 4 winged ones work better

  • Štefan Kolesár:

    Zanietený “pilot” .

  • MrMeasaftw:

    Silverlit Gyro stabilised metal copter, its a small rc helicopter with 2
    main rotor blades and one on the back to move forward and backwards. I have
    flown this little thing for about 50 battery cycles (aprox. 8-10 minutes of
    flying each recharge) and crashed it too many times to count, But the gyro
    just makes up for any damage to the blades, and becouse its made of
    aluminum parts, it is verry stable and does not break. And all that for
    €20!! (i think it would be $25 in the US)

  • shut your face!:

    i have that exact model and i like it alot. i was messing with it when it
    caught a blast from an a/c vent nearby and it didnt spin out at all. later
    i crashed it into the bird cage and it wasnt even scratched and the blades
    were just slightly chipped.

  • liam maxfield:

    Air hogs sucks

  • Tdawgtgmi:

    I HATE Air hogs I could only get like 2 flights and then it would just
    randomly break while flying. Then i bought a blade. WOW i’ve had that thing
    for like 2 years And it still works like new.

  • Ansh Saini:

    I bought an RC air hogs helicopter. kept crashing in the grass, started on
    the land wouldnt work i wouldnt suggest to not buy them, it was my first
    impression maybe it wasnt charged

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