XK K110S Worlds Most Durable Mini 3D RC Helicopter is Back

XK K110S Worlds Most Durable Mini 3D RC Helicopter is Back

Welcome to complete flight testing review of long awaited XK K110S mini 3D RC helicopter. XK K110S is equipped with 6 axis gyro and a 3D Gyro that makes it an absolutely beginners friendly easy to fly RC Helicopter in 6G mode and provides even better and more locked in 3D aerobatics flight performance for intermediate to advanced pilots. With new brushless motor and parts improvement, its now even better than before. With a 3.7volts battery it offers plenty of flight time as well. Not just that, XK K110S is most durable Mini 3D RC helicopter. Crash it without worries, its built durable with durable gear and parts that it just keeps flying even after many crashes. If you are looking for a durable and beginner friendly mini 3D RC helicopter for fun or learning to fly, XK K110S makes a superb choice.

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31 Responses to “XK K110S Worlds Most Durable Mini 3D RC Helicopter is Back”

  • @martin09091989:

    Uh! seams like the same size as the Blade Nano!?
    The Nano is also a Tank due to its small size and waight, but lacks power for real 3D flying.
    I like the 150 size direct drive helis alot more.
    Not as robust as the 110´s but way more capable, but also to powerfull for indor flying.

    This one might be a good candidate for 3D in the living room! ?

  • @superbeetlejosh:

    I just ordered one last night. Hobbyking wanted about $45 for shipping, so I got it on Ebay. Where's the best place to find spare parts? (I'm in USA)

  • @jiero7918:

    can you turn off the stabilization/gyro on that helicopter? i want to purchase helicopter with pure mechanical controls without stabilization/gyro

  • @mail4tung:

    Hey Alishanmao, can you teach us how to fly 3D in tail step-by-step. I know how to fly heli, but I don't know how to set up a 3D?

  • @marksampson7652:

    After having these helis for a while do you like the K110 or the E120S more? I want a "cheap" park flyer that I could crash and practice 3D on.

  • @tittentei7331:

    Do you have a control learning video??

  • @tittentei7331:

    Hey. Can you also put out your number on the curve and so on? I dont find the manual:(

  • @tittentei7331:

    Thanks man! I have this but i am afriad to use it? If i fly on grass will it survive then? sry my english.?

  • @nilfranzescala6686:

    I have some issues on my Xk110, hope you can help me

  • @yobrojoost9497:

    Mine's on order! Can't wait!

  • @mikepdel:

    Hi thanks for all videos, maybe someone can help me I have a very similar hely the XK120 I’m using a radio master I replace a servo and now my front elevator servo is going the opposite way if I reverse the elevator all servos reverse, does anyone knows how to reverse just one servo? I even reverse the motor wire and the the other wire in the servo and that didn’t work, I’ll appreciate any help thanks

  • @tomkoller749:

    Thank you for this video. I have buy a new my k110 s and is so cool. I very happy.

  • @targetoz5470:

    Can you bind up the heli to a dx6??

  • @iwontreplybacklol7481:

    To me the XK X6 radio is way easier to setup than the TX16. Not to mention thr TX16 is much heavier and cost 5 times the cost !

  • @iwontreplybacklol7481:

    "Im not planning to crash it today" 4:14
    Said every RC pilot ever.

  • @iwontreplybacklol7481:

    This heli matches the size of my hobby budget, small.

  • @DavesDronesPlus:

    l'm as beginner , as you can get …you didn't mention "striped gears" on crash , all else OK -ish but broken landing "gear" too/ hot glue everything ! plus added FPV cam …Whew ….ordering batteries and Gears …about a Dozen each ought'a do it …for now ,
    ….now for that learning curve ! :^ )

  • @BeyondFacts:

    Watch How a Pilot Lost his License https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfteaTNNcUQ

  • @dwrdwr134:

    Can we all have one?

  • @georgemalopemodiba7895:

    Is very nice I wish I could know how much it can cost ? it can be good for patrols and crime prevention

  • @outbackgearforu:

    Head looks awful close to that rotor

  • @user-ic1us5ms1x:

    Where’s the helicopter shown in the heading? That’s the one I wanted to see! Not cool!

  • @eduardocobian3238:

    A new Curti Zefhir helicopter is priced at $500,000

  • @eduardocobian3238:

    The DM Aerotec Coax 2D costs around 10 times .

  • @jomarlefevre5311:

    Thumbs down!!!! the thumb image promo of video not in the actual video. Shame!!! thumbs down for the fake promo.

  • @lencroft7305:

    fake intro pic

  • @fidelcatsro6948:


    0:00 Intro

    0:21 Cicaré 7B

    1:30 DM Aerotec CoAX 2D

    2:49 Curi Zefhir

    3:50 Eagle Helicycle

    4:44 Heli-Sport ch-77

    5:29 YoYo Series 3

    6:10 Dynali H3

    6:54 Robinson R22

    7:47 Mosquito XE

    8:26 Gen H-4

  • @patrickfox-roberts7528:

    Absolute, priapic joy watching lol

  • @sillybilly8028:

    This is how I am going to get decapitated.

  • @dylanmorgan5589:

    Behold the decapitator

  • @NevContractor1:

    Irritating non stop shitty commentry. Blocked.

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